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Signs It Is Time For a Roof Replacement


There are many objects that give you obvious clues that you will soon need to buy a new one, like cars and headphones and a computer. You know your clothes have to be replaced when there are holes and stains. Roofing, however, is not so simple. The signs might be there, but they are not necessarily visible—unless you know what you are looking for.

Signs It Is Time For a Roof Replacement

The point it is time for a roof replacement is usually hidden behind some kind of disaster, like a tree falling. Unfortunately, such damages usually lead to the discovery of other damages, like mold growth from shingles that had been missing for months or years.

Instead of waiting for disaster to strike, here are some signs it is time for a roof replacement:

It Just Looks Bad

When the top of your house visibly looks old, worn, sagging, and just bad, then it is time to change your roof. When shingles, shakes, or tiles start to look like they are falling apart, it does more than subtract from the overall appeal of your home. It puts your home in danger of water and structural damage, mold growth, and so on. Be on the look out for things that make your home look old, as well. This includes tar streaking, moss-covered shingles, and curling or broken shingles.

Granules Are All Over The Place

When shingles begin deteriorating, the granules that give them their reflective properties start to get lose and are shed during rainstorms and wind. Sometimes, damaged shingles will also lose granules, especially if there is debris on the shingles, as well. Check your gutters and around downspouts. If you see granules by the hundreds or thousands, chances are a section of your roof is in disrepair.

You Have Leaks and Water Damage

Look for the visible signs of water damage throughout your home. This will come as peeling or bubbling paint, stains on the ceiling and walls, damp spots, and unexplained puddles of water. You may even detect sagging beams and moldy insulation in the attic, if you have one.

This means that moisture is breaching the roofing materials protecting your home. Don’t wait to call a professional to inspect your home for further damages, since this could mean you are in for expensive repairs.

Your Energy Bills Are Rising

A roof that is in good condition will do an excellent job an insulating against heat and cold. However, when your roofing needs to be replaced, you will notice that your HVAC system is working overtime and that heating and cooling costs will start increasing. Compare the energy bills to see if the price is rising then get someone over to inspect your roof.


Although a roof replacement is expensive, you should never wait to have it done. These signs are pointing to more than just an old roof that needs to be changed. In fact, about the time you start noticing the sagging, curling, water damage, and staining mean there is much more going on than a few missing shingles.

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