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Refrigerator Buying Guide: Detailed Guide to Choose the Best Fridge


Buying a refrigerator can be a bit confusing especially when there is an advancement of new technology and features.

If you have decided to replace your old refrigerator, then do proper research both online and offline to understand the latest trend going on in the market.

Refrigerator buying guide

Normally lifespan of a refrigerator is around 12 years and if you are facing many maintenance problems then it is because of a compressor or the cooling system.

Some smart refrigerators have wifi connections and they can connect to the smartphone. User can control the temperature in the mobile phones and also take pictures of the inside of the fridge to check what grocery has to be bought from the market.

You can continue with this article to understand the complete instruction on how to buy the best refrigerator for your home.

Refrigerator Buying Guide

Types Of Refrigerator

• Top Freezer Fridge

The freezer section is at the top and refrigerator section at the bottom. More cost-effective and economical for the people who use more of the freezer section.

• Bottom Freezer Fridge

This refrigerator model is usually for people who use more of the fridge section to store more vegetables and fruits. Freezer section space is bit less as you get compressor at the back.

• French Door Refrigerator

It is an advanced version of the bottom freezer refrigerator having split doors for the fridge section. They bring the modern look into the kitchen and most popular among the consumers.

• Side By Side Refrigerator

They feature the freezer section on the left side and a fridge section on the right. They are mainly designed for the people who store more frozen food and are joint family.

Refrigerator Placement

Before selecting the refrigerator, it is very crucial to measure the dimension of the space where the refrigerator has to be installed. Also, the fridge should pass through doors, elevator, and all points of entry.

The minimum of 1-inch space has to be left on all sides and 4 inches on the right side to allow full opening of the door without any hassle.

The compressor release heat outside, so minimum space has to be left to easily let out hot air. If enough space is not left, the compressor eventually gets heated up and disturbs the cooling efficiency of the refrigerator.

Size And Capacity

Before buying any home appliances, just sit and analyze your lifestyle and household activities. Then ask this question- What capacity of appliance I need to buy?

It is essential to choose the one that meets your daily needs and usage frequency.

Family Size Suggested Capacity

Bachelor 50-200 liter.
2-4 member family 200-350 liter.
4-5 members family 300-450 liter.
More than 6 members family Above 450 liter.

If you are purchasing more fresh food, then buy the bottom freezer refrigerator for more space access to fresh food. If you consume more meat and need big freezer space to store it, then try considering top-mounted freezer or side by side refrigerator.

Advanced Technology And Features

Direct Cool vs Frost Free

Direct cool refrigerators use a natural convection method to produce a cooling effect. They are economical, consume less electricity, and available in a single door refrigerator. Drawbacks are: Produces noise and requires manual defrosting of the freezer.

Frost-free refrigerators produce cooling effect using electric fans. They produce less noise, auto-defrost, and are available in large capacity refrigerators. Drawbacks are: More price and consume more power compared to direct cool refrigerators.

Inverter Compressor

Inverter compressor adjusts their speed based on the temperature inside the refrigerator. Thus they are more energy-efficient and produce less noise. In different seasons they work at different speeds.

All the latest refrigerators have an inverter compressor and it is advisable to exchange your old refrigerator with the new one.

Energy Rating

Every brand updates its energy rating annually by conducting the required tests and checking the latest energy efficiency.

Compared to other appliances, refrigerators run continuously and consume more electricity. It is important to buy energy-efficient refrigerators.

Star ratings are usually found on the top right corner of the fridge. Higher the star rating, lower power consumption. For example, a 5-star rating refrigerator consumes only 400 units of electricity whereas a one-star rated fridge consumes 977 units per year.

Toughened Glass Shelves

Most of the refrigerators above 200-liter capacity have toughened glass shelves. These shelves can withstand up to 170 kg of weight. Large vessels can be easily stored without any damage. They are easily removable and cleaned.

Convertible Refrigerators

If you think you are running out of space, then consider buying convertible refrigerators. The freezer section can be converted into a fridge just by the press of a button.

If you go out on a vacation, you can switch to vacation mode on the electric display screen to save electricity. If you are staying alone, you can turn off the fridge section and transfer all your items to the freezer section.

Water And Ice Dispenser

You can find this feature in most of the side by side refrigerator. The water dispenser can serve cold water right from the door even without opening the door.

Ice dispenser can prepare ice in no time. They require a continuous supply of water.

Built-in- Stabilizer

If your area is borne to huge voltage fluctuation, then it is recommended to buy appliances with a built-in-stabilizer.

Also, look for features like inverter technology for getting high durability. For safety purposes, you can set-up an external stabilizer to minimize appliance damage.


It is advisable to check all the latest technology and features before buying a refrigerator. Don’t look just for an energy-efficient fridge, try considering all the features and select the best one which suits your lifestyle and eating habits. Check this article on the best refrigerator in India to select the best fridge in the market.


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