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Reasons You Still Need Business Cards


Despite of all the advancements in technology we have been witnessing lately, still as the matter of fact, business cards happen to be surely irreplaceable.

For the perks and worth these business cards have been providing to the people all these years, it seems to be like no amount of automation is strong enough to replace them.

Reasons You Still Need Business Cards

Most of the employees of the companies, or business owners share their business cards whenever they meet their potential clients.

They consider this to be a normal practice, and will surely keep doing this branding exercise no matter what.

However, you might come across a lot of people who don’t go for this business card. The reason behind this is that these people comprise of a perception that these business cards have gone old school.

This is why, to make these people realize the worth and perks business cards come in handy, an article is being written down that will surely provide them with a profound experience.

Here at Cardxe, our experts have narrowed down the list of reasons that explains to you why you still need a business card.

Here Are The 8 Reasons Why You Still Need Business Cards

1. Ease Of Giving Contact Details

One of the main reasons why business cards are still existing in the market is that they help the user to deliver their contact details with ease.

The information of a company happens to be vital to its clients. Even the tiny details like Fax number, email address, and phone numbers leaves a positive image of you and your company.

Thus exchanging your business card with your client is the easiest thing you can do. All you need to is to take your card out and give it your potential lead, that’s it!

2. Give A Personal Touch

A business card isn’t a thing that will travel itself right into the pocket of your client. In order to exchange it, you need to meet your client personnel. You need to greet them, meet them, have coffee with them, and then only you would receive a chance to share your business card with your clientele.

And here comes the real advantage of a business card. It provides you with the opportunity to have small talk with your clients, It provides you with the opportunity to make your relationship with your client to be a profound one!

Hence, a business card gives a personnel final touch to your meetings.

3. Make A Quick First Impression

There are zero chances literally that you haven’t heard of the quote “The first impression is the last impression”. While going to meet with your clients? You make sure that you are tidy, the clothes you are wearing are appropriate and the dressing style you own must be appealing to your client.

In the same way, a business card proves itself effective to make your first impression to be quite an impressive one. When you share your personnel business card with your client, it makes you and your company look more professional, and thus your client adds you to his good books!

4. Appropriate In Some Cultures

In some of the cultures followed in the professional world, a business card happens to be one of their things. The followers of this culture, believe business cards to be a part of their rituals.

For example, if you ever visit Hong Kong for any business-related purpose, you would surely be amazed to find out then when a person offers a person their business card, then the one being offered must have to give his business card in return.

Hence, a business card not only makes you closer to these types of cultures but ends up making you a part of it.

5. Turn Them Into Direct Marketing Tools

A modern business card is no less than any marketing tool that exists in the market. Though you won’t believe us this business card happens to be a more effective tool than optimizing your search engine to find clients for you.

Want to know why? It is because sharing a business card with another person is a practice that’s done one on one basis. Hence you get the authority by taking the look at the other person that he is interested in doing business with you or not.

6. Make Your Business Referable

This happens to be one of the greatest advantages of business cards.

If only you lend potential clients two of your business card and ask them to refer one to anyone who’s looking for a job that you can do inappropriate manner, you simply just can’t think who quickly the word would spread about your business!

7. Building Trust

While exchanging business cards, both of the parties get the chance to have a small talk between them, When both of these parties share their business card with each other, they aren’t sharing their business card only, but they are sharing their trust and their faith as well .

Hence no marketing tool is strong enough to build trust between two parties if compared to the business cards.

8. Turn It Into Your Networking Tool

This business card happens to be the perfect network tool. For utilizing modern methods, you might need to have an internet connection, or you might need to have the email or name of the person you are looking to connect with.

But when it comes to the business card, you really don’t need anything. All you need to do is to go to a person personally, greet him, and give him your business card. Is that too hard?


As stated above, no matter what the cause is, making business cards get extinct from the face of the world isn’t going to happen. Not bright now, nor ever!

On the odds that if you are one of the people whose interest in the business card has been somewhat down lately, then we assure of you of the fact that these points mentioned above surely would change your perception and will provide you with a profound experience.


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