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Real Estate Investments 2020 – Best Countries to Invest in a Property


When it comes to buying real estate, the golden rule is that you need to look at the location in question. However, when buying internationally, this is when things really start looking interesting. First of all, as your currency strengthens in comparison to the currency of the target country, the prospect of investing abroad suddenly appears a lot more lucrative. Second, there are some countries that put a special emphasis on foreign investors, thus providing them with some additional benefits and incentives. All in all, if you plan to buy an investment property in a foreign country in 2020, here are a couple of places that you might want to take into consideration.

Real Estate Investments 2020 – Best Countries to Invest in a Property

1. Brazil

One of the most interesting places for potential investment is definitely Brazil. Why? Well, because of relative weakness of the local currency (reals) against USD or AUD. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that these currency pairs have a long history of similar behavior, which creates a scenario where the investment appears particularly reliable. Other than this, there’s no shortage of available beachfront property which comes at a bargain price. Overall, a place definitely worth considering.

2. Portugal

The property market in Portugal is on the rise since 2015 and it’s even possible for one to find a lucrative property to buy in Lisbon, which is quite unusual a unique for European capital of such prestige. Nevertheless, this depends on the area and the neighborhood. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that any Lisbon property that comes at a bargain price usually requires a sizable investment in order to yield a formidable return. Keep in mind, however, that you’re in no way restricted to Lisbon and are free to explore numerous other interesting areas in the country. Also, keep in mind that this is a country where you can get a mortgage even as a non-resident. This alone would make the place into an interesting investment choice.

3. Indonesia

One of the things that you might want to consider when looking to invest is – the potential rental value of the property in question. Sure, residential property is often consistent in its rental returns, however, what about the concept of vacation rentals or commercial (leisure) property like a hotel, a café or a sports facility. Surely, such a place would yield incredible returns, which is why it’s such a smart idea to find land for sale in Bali and make an investment. This way, you get a prime property in a major tourist area.

4. Belize

When looking for a frugal tropical paradise to invest in, it’s quite hard to keep the Belize off the top of the list. Keep in mind that the neighboring countries, while quite popular, as well, don’t come near to the cost-effectiveness of the place. Still, Belize is a far more popular tourist hotspot than you would expect, which is why just getting any kind of accommodation might make you less than competitive. Instead, when looking to buy, you should definitely go for high-end accommodation.

5. Turkey

Buying a Mediterranean property always sounds like a good idea, however, places like Italy, Spain or the southern coast of France can be ridiculously overpriced. Sure, they yield the returns, however, the initial investment cost is so high that it becomes off-limits to all but the wealthiest investors out there. In Turkey, nonetheless, you have such a low cost of entry that it might just fit your budget. This even goes for the country’s capital of Istanbul, which is just outright outlandish. The economic growth of the country also makes it quite popular in the eyes of potential rental property investors. However, this might also make the idea of buying office space much more viable.

6. Dominican Republic

Finally, for those who are looking to invest in a place where the tourist interest and foreign investment figures both look quite formidable, you needn’t look further than the Dominican Republic. While the capital of Santo Domingo is an obvious choice, the rest of the country offers some quite formidable potential investments, as well. One last thing, similarly to Portugal, you can qualify for financing as a non-resident and even have an easy time covering your mortgage payment with your rental income.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, you need to keep in mind that depending on the type of property that you intend to buy (residential or industrial), you might have to look at different factors. For instance, the interest of foreign companies to outsource to the country in question may affect your decision to invest in industrial property, while the touristic appeal may increase your interest in leisure venues. On the other hand, the reliability of the local job market, purchasing power parity and similar factors may affect your interest in local residential rental property. It all comes down to your goals, aims and objectives.

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