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Questions to Ask Before Ordering Bottle Shop Delivery


Whether it’s pandemic restricting your outdoor movement or you are too busy, you need services and products available at your doorstep. A bottle shop delivery service can be an excellent respite from your dry spell or to enjoy a party at your place. It brings beverages to your door and offers an undisrupted service.

Questions to Ask Before Ordering Bottle Shop Delivery

For all alcohol lovers planning to have an alcoholic day with friends, home delivery services are easy and affordable.

Questions to Ask Before Ordering Bottle Shop Delivery

Buying online can allow you to compare prices from different stores and make a relevant purchase by grabbing the best deal. It is also essential to check the state laws for alcohol shipment at your location.

You don’t need to be a pro for ordering home delivery like you don’t need to be an expert for enjoying your booze. But, it is always helpful to know the right questions to ask before ordering bottle shop delivery.

What Is the Guarantee of Quality?

If you are spending the prescribed price, you must get the quality of what you are paying for. It is good to ask before buying whether the vendor offers the desired standard quality or not.

Do You Ensure Timely Delivery?

The other persistent question to complement your purchase is to ask the vendor about your product’s timely delivery. A good bottle shop never compromises its customer services and offers a well-timed delivery.

Do You Need Age and ID Verification?

When it is about buying hard stuff, it is essential to verify your age as per legal requirements. You can only get alcohol if you are 21 years of age and 19 years and above in Canada. It is better to ask what ID they adopt and get it arranged while collecting your order.

Is There Any Intoxication Rule Applicable?

There are laws not to deliver the person who looks intoxicated visibly. Intoxication means the condition of being drunk, and the delivery person has the right not to deliver the bottle if it is positive in your case.

Are There Any Restricted Locations?

Some locations are not allowed to receive bottle shop delivery, such as college campuses, hospitals, veterans’ homes, prisons, reformatory, public or private schools, etc. So, it is better to ask if you are coming into the restricted area or not.

Do You Offer Refunds?

As a customer, you have the right to get back your postage charges. Many stores will pocket the packaging costs and postage charges. So, it is essential while placing your order to ask for a refund policy.

What Shipping Carrier Do They Use?

The shipping carrier also matters when selecting your delivery shop in Australia. So, don’t forget to check if the shipping carrier has the required permits and license to deliver alcohol legally per the respective state guidelines.


To ensure the right and timely delivery of your product, you need to be clear about these factors. Also, it is good to check for any complaints from the customers about the company’s delivery schedules, returns, customer services, etc.

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