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Products People Want But Won’t Buy


There are several products which keep lying around our house but we don’t really use them that often. For example, with the digital world having entered our lives successfully, when was the time one of us actually picked up a pen to write on paper? When was the last time any one of us purchased a bag clip? The answers to both of these questions are ‘No’, in most cases.

Products People Want But Wont Buy

Promotional products and their existence

They may have gone unnoticed, but promotional products have been around for several decades. These are items which feature custom logos or designs. Companies manufacture them with the intention that buyers will not forget their brands, and customers like them since they are useful and fun. It would be highly beneficial to get promotional products as marketing giveaways for the discerning clients.

Examples of promotional products

  1. Bag clips – Bag clips are used to hold papers and other thin items together. These days, many of them are being used at homes and restaurants to hold food pouches today. They are available in different sizes, and there is no better way to give the name of one’s brand than to imprint the same on the clip.
  2. Pens – Any journalist who has attended Press Conferences in the past would know the different kinds of pens being distributed at individual events. As a result, many of them are now faced with entire drawers of pens with logos of the brands for which they attended events. What better way to remind a customer of one’s brand than to give a branded pen. Even if it isn’t being used at the time due to digital communication, it will act as a collector’s item for several years. One can consider carrying extra pens and giving one out to every new contact made at a Press Conference.
  3. Flash Drives These items are extremely important to storing data such as pictures, video, and audio files, but they are rarely purchased for self use. People only remember to get them when it is already too late. A flash drive is just not exciting enough to purchase it on one’s own, and anyone who’s received it as a gift knows its value. Once again, it can have the company logo and be given out to important clients.
  4. Cellphone wallets – Cellphone wallets are some of the best inventions since they can hold many necessities along with phones, and they are certainly not bulky. Some people may go out of their way to choose their favorite cellphone wallets. Consider them as highly suitable gifts for most valuable clients. This kind of exclusivity would be quite helpful in the long run.
  5. Reusable drinking utilities – Buying reusable water bottles from the store could be really expensive for many. Most people would not want to spend their hard earned money on these bottles. Therefore, it would be great for a company to take off the pressure on customers who like branded drinkware and give those ones which can be used several times.
  6. Tote bags – Tote bags have become quite important for carrying items in stores these days, as one has to pay extra for other means of storage. Although most people require them, they are usually not keen of purchasing these bags. An increasing number of grocery stores are encouraging their use on a regular basis. Imagine how useful they would be for customers at a trade show.
  7. Ice packs – The ice pack is yet another item which is beneficial, but people will just not buy it. One never thinks about it until it is really required. Add this to the list of promotional products that can be given to clients, with the design and logo.
  8. Keychains – Imagine the number of keychains available at any home. It is hard to recall how many of them were actually purchased from stores. It is yet another suitable promotional item for any company. It is one of the best gifts for any brand loyalist to be personalized.

Benefits of promotional items

  1. Customer-related – These are highly suitable products which can be used for low budget promotion of one’s brand. The choice of good products in this regard will provide cheap exposure on a regular basis. Every individual who gets this gift from a brand’s representatives will remember the company for a minimum of 2 years.
  2. In-house – One can also make use of promotional products in-house. Consider the example of the sales team, where incentives really help motivate employees to meet their targets. Not just that, but the sales representatives can give gifts to their potential clients before signing contracts. It will show the clients that their business has been appreciated by the company.

Promotional products are quite different from advertisements, the latter being a lot more expensive. All promotional products are meant to generate fast responses.

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