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My Favourite Family Christmas Traditions


Christmas is one of the most popular festivals in the world and it is also celebrated widely in India. The day is filled with joy and everyone celebrates this day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is a significant occasion not only for the Christians but other religion followers celebrate this festival. Christmas is all about having great food and enjoying the vibes of the environment. In the Catholic-dominated areas, midnight carols are must to attend. Goa and Kolkata celebrate Christmas in a grand way. In the Christmas, gifts or presents exchange happens among the friends and family members. The churches used to decorate with lights, candles, and flowers. Some families decorate the traditional Christmas trees on Christmas eve.

My Favourite Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas is celebrated all over the world, especially in the western country, the efforts from the people are truly commendable. Irrespective of their age and gender the people are engaging themselves to turn out in a huge number with colorful postures, flowers, and obviously cakes. Cakes are a special attraction for celebrating Christmas. In recent days people are devoting quite a good time to make this every inch-perfect. As a believer of Christianity December last week has been very auspicious for us. My family members usually come from everywhere and we arrange a short cute get together to celebrate. On the eve of the Christmas day we all join the Christman carol at the cathedral after that we distribute toffees and cakes among the children. Special christmas cakes have been made by my mother even though we do order christmas cakes from different shops. Ordering online cake and flowers and delivering it in Bangalore is much easier nowadays. Just the order should be placed on the website of the chosen bakery or flower shop and all the items will be delivered on that particular day. Different types of cakes are now available at Christmas. The classic fruitcakes are the delicacies and traditions in the families but there are some other cakes also. Many companies generally have some offers on this special occasion. We maintain the family tradition of giving gifts to the friends and family. Flowers are the best option to give on this special day. Nowadays, we can order the desired flowers from the website and the gift will be delivered to the doorstep of that person. It is important to maintain the family traditions to keep the culture alive. Attending midnight carrols, having great foods, and sending gifts are associated with Christmas. We will miss the flavors of Christmas if any of them is missing.

In Bangalore, there are many companies that deliver Christmas gifts and convey the message of close friends to the person. Different kinds of flowers are available on various websites which have delivery facilities in Bangalore city. The flowers are usually fresh and we can enjoy the flowers for a long time. Different parts of the world celebrate this occasion according to their own tradition and culture. The native cultural values are mixed with Christmas. Children used to enjoy it a lot. The festival is to spread peace and the message of love to everyone. It is not at all a religious festival anymore; it is turned out to be the festival of love and brotherhood. Christmas starts the celebration of new years and these two festivals are important for all of us. We used to go shopping for clothes and gifts for the friends and family members. I and my family members used to prefer to order the cake online and select our desired flavors from the website.

Christmas is the occasion that brings happiness to everyone’s life. The cold atmosphere and warm wishes make the festival more special. In various areas, there are lots of concerts that happened at that time. Numerous notable singers performed at that time. Christmas also comes with the joy of the new year. The year ending becomes more special for these two days. The ambiance during Christmas totally changed and spread more love and happiness in the environment. Because of the various companies, we don’t need to worry about the gifts. The company executives and employees give their full efforts to send the gifts as fast as possible. During Christmas, the brands used to give lots of offers on the gifts. There are many combo gift packages for the customers. The online flower delivery services delivers fresh flowers to the consumers they try to maintain the freshness. So that, the customers like us can enjoy the freshness of the flowers for a longer time. The gifting rituals of Christmas is not only giving material gifts but also spreading love and maintaining peace or cordial relationship with everyone. Christmas helps us to understand the purity of friendship and relationship with everyone and celebrate the festival with everyone.


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