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Matching Indoor and Outdoor Spaces: The Design Trend for Upcoming 2020


A new year is the perfect time to make new decisions and big changes. Nothing says a fresh start as the New Year. Alongside changes in your behaviour and wardrobe, why not include some changes in your home. Indoor and outdoor spaces can be very different and bring a sense of parting to your home. You can do a couple of things to make them more compatible, and make them seem like a whole. With taking these features into account, your home will be refreshed, stylish and ready to shine in the New Year.

Matching indoor and outdoor spaces

Match the indoor and outdoor tiles

Start from matching indoor and outdoor tiles. The right combination of tiles is important because it will make the space seem larger and more stylish. You want to make the transition from one space to another as seamless as possible. You can opt for a modern or more traditional type of tiles. This depends on your preferences and the rest of the interior design.

If you want to go with contemporary style tiles, you can choose some made of high-quality porcelain. The surface should be resistant to salt and mould, so you can fully enjoy the new look of your home. On the other hand, porcelain made tiles can be traditional too. Sandstone is also an interesting material due to its subtle texture. Whichever style you choose, make sure that inside of your home and patio look good with the right combination of colours and textures of your new tiles.

Balance the lighting

When it comes to matching indoor and outdoor spaces, lighting plays a huge role. Big differences in lighting will add to the feeling of the separation between indoors and outdoors. For the best possible look of your home, lighting has to be even and natural in every part of the home. Interior lighting can be a problem since it usually has some kind of orange illumination.

You should try to achieve a more natural lighting inside to create a smoother transition while there’s still daylight outside. Don’t forget about the exterior lighting either. Try to illuminate the outside to create more cohesion in the night time, too. Subtle lighting is the best option for outdoors.

Pay special attention to windows and doors

When you decide on the budget for the makeover, don’t forget to seriously consider doors and windows. They are literally connecting the outdoors with the indoors. They help you bring the outdoors inside and vice versa. Look at the windows as frames for the outside. Make them as big as possible for a better feel and a more luxurious touch.

The choice of doors is very important. You can opt for bi-fold, sliding or French doors. Look for the type that goes well with your style. Sliding panels are great if you want to erase the line between outside and inside and make it look as spacious as possible. Many companies, like Prestige Plus for example, provide you with these services. Make sure that the choice is right to make your home more charming than it has ever been.

Combine colours and furniture

You should strive to achieve harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces. The best way to accomplish this is by using a similar colour scheme and matching furniture. Do your best to create cohesion between these spaces. Bright and lively colours can be used to create a sense of larger space. If beige is dominant inside, make sure to have a lot of beige elements on the outside too.

The same materials and colours of the furniture will help you to achieve cohesion too. Grey table and chairs next to a white pool would go perfectly with grey-toned furniture inside. The furniture is the largest piece of equipment for any kind of designing, interior or exterior. It will take the biggest part, and if you successfully match your indoor and outdoor furniture, you’re on the right way to a stylish home.

Include common elements

To create unity between inside and outside, include a lot of common elements. Even when you want an outfit to look cohesive, you choose accessories of the same colour or material. The same applies to home design. If you want to create a warm atmosphere, use a lot of wood in your design. All you have to do for the said warmer atmosphere is include tongue and groove panelling in your home.

Colours are important here, too. Use natural paints like brown, cream or white. Natural fabrics like silk, cotton, and linen have their opportunity to shine. Create patterns in the choice of all the elements you have outside and inside to make sure you don’t wander off the theme you want to end up with. If you have a more natural setting outside, place some plants inside, too.


Considering the impact that your surroundings have on your mood, happiness, and productivity, more effort should be put into home design. If you pay attention to lighting, furniture, colour scheme, and doors, you won’t encounter any trouble in creating the perfect place for you and your family to create new memories in.

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