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Making Ziptrak Blinds Perth Safest For Houses With Children


A house can have several things that seem ordinary but when you look closely they can be dangerous especially for the children. Window treatments are one of the things inside the house that could cause damage to the children.

But if you want to make them safest then installing Ziptrak Blinds Perth can be the best choice.

Making Ziptrak Blinds Perth Safest For Houses With Children

What Does Research say About Children And Window Treatments?

Several types of research have been conducted to know for sure whether window treatments are dangerous for children or not. Many surveys have been done in this regard and the results that have come out are shocking. The majority of the children ranging from the ages of 3 to 6 years old have been in some kind of accidents related to window treatments.

Reasons Why Window Treatments Are Hazardous

The window treatments most importantly include curtains, window blinds, and shutters. These are the most innocent looking things in the house, but sometimes can be the cause of incidents concerned with children. According to experts window treatments can be the cause of the following incidents.

Dangerous Length Of The Cords

Longer lengths of cords are the most dangerous of all issues. A child who is tall heightened can easily get tangled into the cords or ropes. Although untangling is easy but on many occasions getting out of the situation is difficult.

Child’s Head Caught In The Flaps

Many varieties of shutters and blinds are made with individual parts like slate and flaps. According to window blinds safety regulations, there is a specific length of the gap that has to be maintained between two slates. Not abiding by the regulations can cause damage as the child can easily stick the head in-between.

Problematic Situation In Untangling

It has been observed that many children display hyperactive behavior as they are unable to control their muscular movements. So when they get tangled; they can move their arms and legs that can make the situation even worse.

Bruises On Hands And Arms

Children are in a habit of grabbing things that seem interesting. Also, they are curious and grasp the thing that fascinates them. This is very unsafe because the window treatments and their cords can be jumbled on the arms and hands and hurt the tiny fingers.

Chocking On Chunks Of Window Treatments

As time passes the material of the window treatments gets damaged and wears out. So when the children play with it they bite off the material. This can chock the throat of the child that is dangerous because the air supply can interrupt.

Questions Every Concerned Parent Should Ask

Many times parents get confused about which window treatments will be the best for children. They should ask a few questions before making the plan to buy blinds for the house. This will determine the right choice of window treatment.

Are The Window Blinds Products Safety Certified?

This is the most vital question of all that clients should ask the window suppliers because a proper certification of safety will make the parents satisfied. Check for the certification before ordering the blinds.

What Are Clues Indicating Damaged Window Blinds?

If the window treatment you have installed is showing these signs and clues then you have to immediately replace them. The cords and ropes become tangled a lot. The material of the blinds is torn and the tassels are in reach of the children.

What Kinds Of Safety Apparatus Are Applicable?

For the ropes and cords of the blinds, many kinds of safety clips are available. They are used to keep the ropes and cords out of the reach of children. Also, the newest technology of automatic operation mechanism is the best option.

Plans For Safer Ziptrak Blinds Perth

Ziptrak Blinds Perth is the one kind of window treatment offered by companies like Outdoor Blinds Perth that can be installed inside and also outside. But the window blinds can be threatening whether they are installed inside or outdoor. But a few things can be done to make the blinds safer.

Analyzing Appropriate Cord’s Length

If you are installing an ordinary Ziptrak Blinds Perth mechanism with the cord or rope then make sure that they are of short length that is out of reach of the child. Analyze the height of the child and then determine the length of the cord.

Restrict Access To Children

Children can easily climb various pieces of furniture and can reach the blinds. So don’t place any kind of furniture adjacent to the windows.

Install Cordless Window Blinds

Many window treatment installing companies also offer their clients to install blinds that are cordless and operated through a motor mechanism. These window blinds can be controlled by remote control.

Never Compromise On Quality

You have to make sure that the quality of the blinds is the best so that the children can’t bite off the pieces. Also, you can install new ones when you think that they have lived their warranty.

Best To Install Window Treatment Outside

The best side to install the Ziptrak Blinds Perth is on the outer side of the window. As children don’t go outside much so they can be safe from the dangers.

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