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Make Your Product Packaging Stand Out From Competition


If you are a brand, you can understand the power of packaging. It is the first contact any customer will have with your products and it holds the utmost importance in creating a positive impact. If you want to design Custom printed boxes for your customers to give them a more personalized experience, here are a few ways to make your packaging stand out:

Custom printed boxes

1. Know your audience first: Where is your product targeted at? Is it for kids or adults? Is it for male or females? The demographics of your audience matters a lot to propose the right sort of packaging. For example: If your target audience are female, then you need to use colours that will attract them, and design packaging according to that.

2. Minimalism is always in: Sometimes too much of colour or patterns and prints can be a little overwhelming. It is okay to choose one or two colours and design the whole packaging using those colours. A lot of high-end makeup and skincare brands choose earthy tones and simple designs, as the want the product to be in focus. Remember, your product is the main star, so do not steal away any limelight from it.

3. Use portraits to your benefit: There is no denying the fact that a picture can speak a thousand words. It is better to use pictures that identify and represent you brand truly, instead of writing long paragraphs that no one can read. You can use a lot of emojis, or memes and even celebrity pictures to your benefit.

4. It should complement the product: If you are selling soaps, you will want to use a package that will have the same shape as soap. The point is to make sure both things go hand in hand. If your label exudes classiness, then you cannot add a humorous one-liner on it as it goes against the aesthetics of the brand. Similarly, a pizza packaging will be square to mimic the product inside.

5. Eco-friendly: As we all are trying hard to say no to plastics and use biodegradable products in all walks of life, your packaging should also depict that. You should opt for materials that are reusable and can be recycled. Similarly, they should be eco-friendly and not pose any hazard to the environment. A lot of brands have used bags which contains seeds, so you can plant them anywhere.

6. Use a good quality: It is obvious that you should use materials of high-quality only. Such products need to be shipped and transported so that they can reach the retailers and finally the customers. They should be durable enough to keep safe the contents inside them and not break or damage them. For example, medicine box should have enough protection to protect it from moisture and humidity as it can be contaminated and even oxidizes when exposed to environment.

So, in order to make your packaging stand out you should be willing to invest in different ideas. Try and experiments after researching well, and see what works for your label!


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