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List Of Fashion Clothing Manufacturers In The UK


With the fashion bloc evolving every other day, the glamazons and fashionistas are making statements with state-of-the-art apparels that are unique in design, make and various facets. While you are revving up to make a style statement with the ever-changing fashion scene; designers, fashion labels, emerging brands and startups are also not stable and are making a run for showcasing their distinctive style and portraying their singularity. Thus fashion clothing manufacturers are in great demand, with the apparel and fashion brands worldwide making a bee-line for them to get their customised designs delivered.

List Of Fashion Clothing Manufacturers In The UK

Why are clothing manufacturers overseas in such demand?

Designers and startup brands are growing conscious of the distinctive products they want to create. With a modest budget, they are always rooting for a fashion clothing manufacturer that delivers exceptional quality while emphasising on their demands and making their wishes come true. These days, designers and fashion startups are increasingly conscious and want to include eco-friendliness and sustainability like luxury brands and clothing lines and are, therefore concentrating on fashion clothing manufacturers that deliver sustainable promises in their offerings.

The renowned fashion clothing manufacturers in the UK:

The fashion apparel and textile industry has been revolutionised by the British long back and keeping the tradition intact, the major players of the modern clothing industry have their headquarters in the United Kingdom and London.

Our list of fashion clothing manufacturers in the UK will provide you with an exhaustive outlook of the scene and help you in choosing your partners correctly in making your fashion business aspirations come true.


Being renowned as one of the most cutting-edge platforms for fashion startups and designers to realise their ideas into products and give their business aspirations wings, Sewport has been actively helping medium and small businesses grow since a long time. Their presence has strengthened in London, and their collaborations with giant fashion conglomerates and SMEs has been instrumental in their momentous endeavours of being relevant with the latest trends in the fashion and the technological industry.

Sewport has also made its name in developing an online platform where every brand benefits from meticulous and sequential guidance to the clothing manufacturing process. With more than 55,000 active brands and 1500 clothing manufacturers overseas, Sewport is continuously striving to make a difference in the industry.

Hawthorn International:

The name that commands immense respect, Hawthorn International has proudly presented itself as an award-winning fashion clothing manufacturer that is indigenous to the UK and has always actively supported fashion brands and designers irrespective of their size or reputation. With their worldwide distribution of apparel manufacturing plants and facilities, Hawthorn has earned a reputation in delivering the industry-leading MOQs as well as bulk orders. Their custom clothing production claims to be the foremost in the industry for providing the lowest MOQs on orders.

Rosecarth International:

Unarguably the star amongst the fashion clothing manufacturers in the UK, Rosecarth International is synonymous with the superlative apparels it produces for businesses big and small. With its state-of-the-art technology and a massive team of designers, manufacturers, craftsmen based in the UK and Pakistan who deliver a finesse par excellence, Rosecarth has become the most sought-after fashion clothing manufacturer by giant fashion corporations, startups and small brands alike.

Rosecarth is an excellent choice for fashion brands as it has carved its niche in ideation, design, pattern-cutting, customisation and breakneck-pace delivery. Rosecarth International prides on its nimble service where it delivers a prototype within a week and upon approval, delivers the entire order within a month. The impeccable speed is laced with a promise of delivering superlative quality of products imbibed with sustainability.

DSA Manufacturing:

DSA Manufacturing tops industry-leading affordable price tags because of its connection with a range of Chinese factories. With their immersive experience in various materials, styles and brands, you can expect a lot of support from this fashion clothing manufacturer.

Plus Samples:

Plus Samples is one of the most coveted clothing manufacturers overseas for fashion brands and designer levels that specialise in high-quality and plush clothing. Their sampling services are quite proficient and popular with the leading fashion boutiques and designer labels for more than a decade.


With an industry-leading MOQ per style, Fchand is a fashion clothing manufacturer par excellence. They have operated from a vast production facility in the UK for a decade and have excelled in satisfying global clients with their full-scale services.


Oft-preferred for the design and production of high-end, luxury clothing, Djinn, located in Leicester, has been the ultimate destination of global fashion clients. This fashion clothing manufacturer excels in providing an immersive range of solutions to all its luxury clothing-clients.

Bridge and Stitch:

One of the most renowned custom fashion clothing manufacturers based in the UK, Bridge and Stitch tops the expectations of clients with its plethora of services from design to delivery. Though their production timescale is a bit longer, they present a unique opportunity to indigenous fashion brands as they do not partner with clothing manufacturers overseas.

Propel your desire to create the finest apparels that land a powerful fashion statement by partnering with these finest fashion clothing manufacturers in the UK and make your label the most-used buzzword in the fashion scene!


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