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Let’s Pack – A Hassle-free Decluttering And Packing Tips To Become A Pro-packer!


Let’s come to reality, we all have come witnessed the point of packing our bags to move to a new city. We get all the more excited. Then reality kicks in, in the form of a tedious process to pack our bags. Do you think it isn’t easy? Read on, I’m sure your heart feels lighter at the end of the post about packers and movers. Let’s go on with the easy and important tips to make your packing and moving laid-back.

Lets Pack - A Hassle-free Decluttering And Packing Tips To Become A Pro-packer

1. Declutter your requirements

First things first, make a detailed plan of what you are planning to take forward and what you are going to leave behind. It’s always a good idea to break up your work into smaller segments. Cover one segment of the house at a time, try not to do the complete house in a single day. For this, it is very vital to start your packing early.

Try to lessen your cargo by sorting out your unwanted material things. After sorting them try to sell, donate, or dispose of them based on their quality and need. Packers and movers in Chennai come up with reasonable price and quality service.

2. Stock up your essentials

When it comes to packing, the very essentials are carton boxes, scissors, cello tapes, coveralls, stickers for naming the boxes, etc. Everyone has their style of packing so you must experiment and make a list of all the things that you think would be important for packing. Always remember that fragile items like glass, portraits, photographs would require an additional layer of packaging, bubble wraps, or soft papers for safer packaging during moving and to avoid breakage.

It’s also good to come up with creative ideas like placing the glass articles in between a bed of books or papers to ensure it’s safe. Treat yourself brownie points for each creative packing idea that you come up with.

3. List the boxes you have packed

Proper order are foundations of great things! It’s always a good idea to name your boxes with their contents. Not only it is easier for packing but also helps you to unpack as effortlessly as you packed. It helps you to sort your things ready and find your things easily in your new home too.

Start packaging the least used rooms of your house first to make more space for orderliness. Don’t leave the heavier items to be packed at the last, follow your order. This would help you gauge your packaging progress and gives you sufficient time to complete without stress or worry.

4. Explore to hire a good professional help

Doing research can be tiring but we feel it’s a very essential step. Finding a good professional help would point you in a different viewpoint when it comes to packing and moving.

But there are a few prerequisites you have to ensure some of which would be knowing the exact cost that you would be charged for the transit, the number of members who would assist you in packing and moving, how quality and hassle-free their service is, will goods be delivered on time, will any extra money be charged at a later point, etc. It’s good to find a reputable firm with a list of services offered to assist you through your tough times.

5. Select the right day for your shifting

Selecting the best day for moving is essential. There might be irregularities in moving on the weekend or busiest days. So, fix your schedule and plan the day well in advance.

Also, try to map the shortest distance to reach your new home. Look for highways that could shorten the travel time. This is an important step to determine the factors that would affect your travel, understand other nuances like the approximate time it would take for moving, traffic, and other things that could delay the process.

6. Prompt for connection changes earlier

You may probably forget this step due to the whole stress owing to packaging, but here it comes. Try to change your current availing services that you are utilizing to your new location. Most of the services require you to apply earlier. Hence check all your phone, internet, cable, etc, and plan it earlier than required. Try to shop new items in Amazon earlier if required and changing your mailings to a new address.

Quick tips!

  • Apart from the above, it is good to pack your tableware vertically.
  • Roll your clothes to create more space and accommodate more.
  • Stick wraps for the liquid items and pack them vertically. Ensure not to put them upside down.
  • Use left out plastic boxes to store smaller essential items. Make sure to name them and group them.
  • Pack enough food for your journey and be sufficiently packed with liquids required for the travel.
  • Take special care for the needs of toddlers. Pack a bag with special foods, toys that could calm them down during your travel time.
  • Pack medicines in a handy personal bag along with other essentials. This is very important!
  • Quit buying excess groceries way ahead of your scheduled leaving. Buy only what is essential. Try to avoid buying foods that get bad faster.
  • Keep a record of the wiring connections to electronic items through photos or quick map drawings as it would make your work easier when you are reconnecting.
  • Try to insert and load heavier luggage’s into the truck first and then the lighter ones at the end.

I’m sure you ain’t as anxious as before. Happy moving!

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