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Is The Summer Heat Getting On To You? How To Beat the Heat with AC & Air Cooler


As temperatures continue to soar across the world, Indian summers are set to get even hotter. The sweltering heat and accompanying climatic factors make it essential for citizens to find ways to keep cool.

More and more Indians today are opting to set up nuclear families. This has resulted in the growth of a young urban population, who are building homes of their own. While today, many constructions are touted as “green initiatives”, this is not always the case. Many buildings and complexes continue to use material that increases the circulation of heat within the house. This is where the benefits of home appliances are best visible.

Is The Summer Heat Getting On To You

Consumer electronics see increased sales during summer, but none see the high sales volumes experienced by the best ACs for home, along with refrigerators and air coolers. An AC buying guide is usually the first thing these young, urban consumers look for in a bid to keep their home and surroundings cool. Appliances such as refrigerators and air coolers are also increasingly being sought after, especially by this crowd.

Read on to learn about how an AC, fridge and air cooler can ensure comfortable summers. Learn everything that an air conditioner buying guide should cover, along with the factors you must consider, before purchasing the best AC for home.

1. Air Conditioners: Air conditioners are considered the most ideal way of cooling the space it is placed in. ACs flush the hot air from within the room, cool it and then circulate it back into the room. In recent years, ‘smart’ air conditioners are being marketed which allow you to choose the ideal temperature and also ensure low power consumption. These smart air conditioners are programmed to turn off when people have left the room, which allows you to effectively save power while also reaping the benefits of air conditioning.

2. Air Coolers: Air coolers, otherwise known as desert coolers, are ideal for areas that are not humid. Air coolers continually circulate hot air from within the room, and ensure that the air continues to be cooled. They also work well in outdoor spaces, which is a situation that air conditioners are not well suited for. Many consumers think that air coolers are a less expensive proposition as compared to air conditioners, which are costlier, but that is no longer true. You can buy the best AC for home through the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, which allows you to buy products worth up to Rs. 4 lakh through no cost EMIs. This payment facility can be availed on more than a million products bought at more than 1 lakh stores across 1,900 Indian cities.

3. Refrigerator: The refrigerator is another essential electronic product whose sales skyrocket during summer months. The refrigerator is ideal for storing food over a period of time, and even stocking frozen goods. A good refrigerator can keep food fresh for days, and reduce the daily hours spent on cooking and preparing new dishes. It is the ideal companion for a young working couple who may not have too much time for cooking everyday. Post environmental concerns raised over the hydrofluorocarbons emitted by refrigerators, manufacturers are now including ‘smart’ features which ensure minimal power consumption.

Appliances are necessary today, where global warming is resulting in higher temperatures than ever before. Along with diversity of choices available for consumers, there is also a plethora of financing options for them now. Opt to buy the best AC for home with the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, which allows you to purchase more than 1 lakh products at no cost EMIs. This allows you to pay for the product at your own leisure, over a tenor of 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 months.


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