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Is Telemedicine Vulnerable to Data Breaches?


As the world grows increasingly reliant on technology and the wonders of the digital age, concerns about data privacy and security continue to mount. The growing field of telemedicine has not been spared either. Experts continue to lament the seeming ease with which data is continuously lost to hackers.

Is Telemedicine Vulnerable to Data Breaches?

Telemedicine: Is Your Data Secure?

Telemedicine is an innovative development that promises to revolutionize the way health care is delivered to patients. Particular attention should be taken to ensure that doctor-patient confidentiality is maintained. The breach of patient data has the potential to undermine confidence in this new model of healthcare delivery.

Telemedicine is a novel solution to the age-old problem of lack of qualified medical personnel. It eliminates the need for physical contact and proximity and instead harnesses the power of digital communication to deliver medical solutions to patients at the farthest reaches of the country.

Although the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act requires all health providers to encrypt all digital data and use only secure connections, patient data is still susceptible to breach. Hackers are continually developing new techniques of mining patient data from third parties with whom this information may have been shared. Internet-connected devices stand a particular risk of hacking as it is quite easy to download malware designed to harvest your data. At stake is sensitive personal information regarding your health and finances. Therefore, the value of taking proactive measures to protect your data and medical information cannot be taken lightly.

The need for enhanced cybersecurity is as high as the urgency to roll out telemedicine worldwide. There are several steps that an individual can take to prevent the likelihood of Personal Health Information leaking to the wrong hands.

Steps You Can Take to Forestall Data Breach

Use Basic Network Protection

While this may seem like a fundamental step to avoid being hacked, an alarming number of people fail to take even this simple step, leading to untold loss and suffering and, for this reason, securing your endpoints such as your desktop computer or any device you are using is critical. This simple act will reduce the risk of being hacked from your device. Furthermore, to further safeguard your Private Health Information, it is vital to ensure that all hardware and software involved in the data transmission are clean. Radiology specialists will often use other service providers to transcribe medical data for them. You should always perform a quick background check before engaging such providers. It pays to ensure that the service provider has complied with all the safeguards and regulations established by the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Harness the Skills of Professionals

To ensure that your data and transmission of client information are secure and HIPAA-compliant, it is sometimes necessary to engage the services of IT professionals. Contracting a data security professional to improve your digital security can potentially dissuade would-be hackers from accessing your data.

Use a Trusted Third Party for your Data

In case you have outsourced data to a third-party, then it pays to perform due diligence and make an appropriate check. Frequently, medical transcription services will be outsourced to a reliable and trustworthy firm. Always ensure that such an entity has put all the measures necessary to safeguard you and your client’s data.

Performing an audit will enable you to establish the most secure service to use. Transcription Outsourcing, LLC is one such credible firm that is trusted by established health providers countrywide. As a HIPAA-compliant service, the firm has built a reputation by working with the health industry leaders. It offers a wide range of services and has gained a reputation as a radiology transcription company of note. Currently, as the world grapples with a global health crisis, the value and demand for telemedicine has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, hackers have used the prevailing chaos to scam hapless victims. There is therefore a need to adapt and change strategy in a bid to keep a step ahead of data thieves. All told, telemedicine is a necessary development with unmatched benefits. As the world continues to indulge in the comfort and relative ease of telemedicine, you should remember that equally important is the need to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

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