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Is It Safe To Go For Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal?


There are many ladies who don’t like their hair removal routine, mainly because of the razor bumps, itchy and irritating regrowth phase and also because of the small talks with their bikini waxer. And if you are planning to give up on your razor and regular bikini waxer in favor of bikini line laser hair removal then you are not alone as many women are now turning to this easy and effective hair removal technique and it has gained huge popularity in a very short period of time. But is it safe to go for bikini laser hair removal? Let’s see through this blog.

Is It Safe To Go For Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

The difference between electrolysis and laser technique

Before knowing whether laser hair removal is safe or not you should know the difference between electrolysis and laser technique. In the electrolysis process, the specialist would insert a very fine probe into each hair follicle which is destroyed by heat energy or chemicals. In the laser hair removal process, a straight beam of light is aimed at the hairs which later damages the follicle and therefore, it is considered as a permanent hair removal technique. You should know that electrolysis is more time-consuming that hair-removal technique and it also not a permanent hair removal process.

The associated pain

There is no denial in the fact that bikini line laser hair removal technique hurts a bit but in some cases, it may be more than a bit. Most of the people who have undergone laser hair removal have explained it as the snapping of a rubber band against the skin but it has also been seen that less than 1 percent of people who have undergone laser hair removal require numbness cream. But it is said that one should not overuse laser hair removal as with overuse, it can pass into the bloodstream and cause many discomforts.

The associated risk

Nothing is perfect in the world and the same goes for bikini laser hair removal. Just like any other cosmetic processes, laser hair removal has its own risk. If you will go for electrolysis then you might encounter skin discoloration and itchiness on the treated area while if you will go for laser hair removal, you might get burnt, scars and breakouts. But there is also good news regarding laser hair removal and the good news is that the body parts shielded from the sun have fewer complexities after the laser hair removal. It means that you haven’t been going for nude sunbathing, you will have less risk. But still, most of the experts in this area say that the risk associated with all the risk associated with laser hair removal is quite rare and if you are going for it then you shouldn’t be worried about it.

One of the biggest rumors regarding laser hair removal is that it causes infertility but you should know that the laser doesn’t penetrate more than one millimeter in the skin and therefore, it can’t get anywhere near to your ovaries.

So, overall, we can say that bikini line hair removal is safe and all the risk associated with it very rare. You shouldn’t believe in the rumors associated with the laser hair removal as it is gaining popularity not because of its side-effects but because of its high rate of success.

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