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Intelligent Automation: The Key to Business Success in a Pandemic!


Automation has always been considered the best way to simplify business functions and in times of any natural disaster or a pandemic, automated solutions can prove to be your business’s guardian angel.

Intelligent Automation - The Key to Business Success in a Pandemic

When the world is struck by a pandemic, it is hard for companies to survive amid a situation of lockdown when employees are unable to work seamlessly as before.

Intelligent automation at such times can be a blessing, especially for the call centre companies. Why so?

Well, BPO companies mainly run on labor-intensive tasks where a team of agents takes care of outbound and inbound call centre services. However, at times of a natural disaster or in case of a pandemic, labor-intensive functions can’t be maintained the same way as a normal day. Thus, the outsourcing call centre firms need to take the help of automated solutions.

Automation scales the business operations rapidly and allows the companies to work from home easily avoiding a complete shutdown of the business operations.

Keeping services alive in tough times is hard, nevertheless, in this modernized era, companies can leverage online tools and automated functions to boost business processes.

Chatbot is a great tool that helps call centres in simplifying their answering activities.

The same tool at times of a pandemic can be your business life savior. Well, when the in-house agents are unable to answer calls manually, these bots handle much of the business burden without any hassle.

Moreover, in such lockdown times when the customers might expect their providers to be on-time, automated services can help a lot in keeping the customers satisfied.

To understand better how intelligent automation can be your key to business success, check out some thoughts below:

1. Boosting Efficiency with Automation Techniques

Most of the businesses work on its loopholes and ask their staff to leverage automated services to meet the customer issues on-time. Here the firms offering outsourcing call centre services need to remember that today’s digitalized era demands online services to maintain customer satisfaction, thus BPOs all around the world need to consider it.

Cloud-based call centres can earn better returns than normal BPOs, thus integrating cloud functionalities has to be a need. A cloud-based call centre helps to manage the workforce and keep a check on all the confidential tasks with just an internet connection and password. The designated agent can take care of all the answering responsibilities by accessing data over the internet with passwords.

Moving forward when we talk about automation and its efficiency in helping businesses, the emerging technologies are undoubtedly a blessing. The use of artificial intelligence in the form of bots and automated analyzing systems help companies ease the processes that were earlier manual-driven.

Automation helps to gain the lost agility and increases service availability to the customer even in tough situations, thus earning customer satisfaction and brand name for the company.

Automated services also help to save operational expenses, time, and energy, thus, it is an amazing tool to boost business efficiency.

2. Risk Management with Automation

The business industry can minimize risk with intelligent automation skills. BPO companies have a huge threat of data security, thus they can use automated tools to keep a check on any malfunction.

In times of a pandemic, when the business agents are unable to perform regular security check functions as before, breach threats are rife. Nevertheless, automated functionalities can reach out at help and can notify your business at times of any threat possibility.

Technologies like RPA (robotic process automation) and other rule-based processes can help to minimize the threat that might cause discomfort to the business image.

Thus companies need to use their automated services intelligently to boost services to the customer. The more the automated services is the easier it is to reach the client without any loophole.

3. Automated Workforce Management

In times of a pandemic like the COVID-19, workforce management is the most essential thing. In such situations it is hard to work with a team like the same way as before as every individual will not have the same resources at home as in the office.

However, some of the critical monotonous functions can be easily handled by virtual bots thus helping the employees lessen some load. Not all, but the monotonous functions that do not require repetitive human intervention can be outsourced to a virtual bot. This way automated bots keep the business moving without security threat concerns.

Virtually automated bots have technical expertise, thus they help to add more value and enable high productivity too.

4. Capping Expenses with Automation

In times of a pandemic, businesses may feel that their revenue decline with increased expenses. However, automated functionalities can help to rescue!

With the help of intelligent analytics, the tasks that are monotonous are transferred to a bot to save expenses on hiring and training live agents for the same. Moreover, the manual functions that required a team of experts 24X7 are minimized with automated services. After all, in a situation of a pandemic, saving the operational expense is what every business wants and bots do it for them.

Wrapping Up

The pandemic of COVID-19 has created a situation of crisis around the world compelling most businesses to land in a situation of break down. However, there are various efficient ways as we discussed above by which companies can keep themselves alive in the good books of the user.

It is just the need for an automated service that can keep your business graph growing. Investment in automation can make businesses more agile and the outsourcing call centre firms that take care of the outbound and inbound call centre services can simplify their functions too.

Cases like a pandemic or a disaster are like a nightmare for call centre companies. However automated services can keep the industry alive.


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