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Innovative Ideas to Decorate Around Your TV Area


Your television is one of the focal points in your living room. Undeniably, television has the prowess to add visual appeal to any space. But what about that zone around the TV? I can bet you, this is the most disturbing element that almost every one of us has to experience. Well, fret not guys! In this post, we will share some handpicked innovative ideas of decorating space around the TV. These ideas are true and tested and are specifically meant for sprucing up your living room.

Innovative Ideas to Decorate Around Your TV Area

So here’s how to enhance your living room appeal and decorate around your TV zone.

#1. Get the TV placed right:

First of all, position your television just right. No matter how many styling tricks you use without proper placement all efforts will go in vain. The process of styling TV area begins with getting the right position for TV and here is how you can do so:-

  • To get the most out of your TV, consider the standard distance. Ideally, for an immersive experience, 40 degrees of field of the view of the viewer should be covered by the screen.
  • Your TV should not conceal any window as it is the space that draws attention automatically.
  • Incorporate a chic coffee table design, a fluffy couch, and the latest study chair cum armchair to turn the TV area into a conversational space.

#2. Focus on styling your TV console:

A TV console can instantly revamp your living room. Available in varied design options, sizes, shapes, and styles, you can easily get a TV console to fit your preferences. Adding a TV console is the simplest and quickest way to style around your TV. The TV consoles come with enough space to let you put your art collection to display. Using a TV console you can show-off your treasured collection and make your TV zone a visually appealing focal point. Furthermore, TV consoles also provide you extra storage space to help you keep your living room space free from clutter.

#3. Transform it into a compelling gallery wall:

Another quick trick to style the area around your TV is by creating a striking gallery wall. Surround your television with some artwork for an effect. This is an inexpensive method to add texture to your room.

Invest in exquisite artworks and prints and display them on the wall surrounding your TV. For an impact, experiment with frame sizes and orientations. This idea is pretty popular as it allows you to lend a personal effect to your wall.

#4. Add some Lighting effect:

Did any of these aforementioned ideas inspire you? If no, then frame your TV with some elegant lamps. If your console is wide enough, lamps are good to go. Alternatively, for a compact console, you can choose hanging lights. The lamps bring out the appeal in your space and help achieve a striking balance that no other décor element can do.

I hope these ideas inspire you to styling a fantastic décor around your TV wall.


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