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Industries That are Benefited by GPS Tracker in India


Road Transport in India are a life line for every business. The transport industry these days is not restricted to monitoring but is beyond this, it now even includes GPS apps which is connects you with the vehicle via your phone.

Industries that are benefited by GPS Tracker in India

If you look around in the market for the best GPS device with app for your business and vehicles you are likely to find many but a few will suffice your needs. Well, we are here to help you find the perfect device for you. KENT CamEye offers you a complete peace of mind and proves the users with top-notch mobile app, dual cameras facility, GPS tracking and a user friendly interface.

The device has dual cameras with microphone and speaker that help you record everything that happens inside and outside of the vehicle. It even lets you live video stream the entire trip from either of the camera from anywhere in the world.

This device has a mobile app is easy to use and is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones.

Benefits of KENT CamEye:

  • It lets you monitor the vehicle on real-time basis
  • It offers Time lapsed Video recording of all the trips taken by the vehicle
  • Let’s you Live Video Steam to see what is happening inside the vehicle at any point in time
  • 2-Way Calling that lets you talk to the driver through the device via the app
  • It lets you to share the access of the device with 10 people by its Multi-User Access feature
  • Through its Unknown driver detection feature you can get to know who is on the driving seat
  • The Secure Cloud Storage lets you save the videos of the trip on the cloud for up to 90 days
  • Route play back feature lets you play back the route travelled by the vehicle on the map
  • AI based alerts help you know whenever any set parameter is breached, for eg. If the vehicle over-speed, or engine is left idle for long time, geo-fencing and much more

Industries that are benefited by KENT CamEye:

Fleet Industry: In this widely spread business field and the rising fuel prices it is important to track your fleet to understand the précised location of the vehicle. With the assistance of KENT CamEye the fleet managers can constantly track the vehicle on real-time basis and can also playback the route to know where the vehicle travelled. Also, it also generates alerts if in case the vehicle over-speeds, detours, goes beyond the geo-fenced area or an unknown drivers the vehicle. With this GPS tracker in India even generates in-car alarms to make the driver aware about any set parameters e.g. speed limit, sound level, etc.

Oil Tanker Industry: KENT CamEye can be of great help for the oil traders. The device helps them in monitoring the whereabouts of the tankers in a pre-set location. With this information the traders can easily tell the customer about the approximate time of delivery. Moreover it also helps in monitoring driver’s behaviour.

Taxi/Cab Industry: KENT CamEye can help the cab business owner track the real-time location of the taxi and can alert you whenever there is any emergency situation. The device lets you check the recorded time-lapse videos of cabs inside and outside view through the dual camera facility which works like a CCTV camera, and lets you know about any occurrences of misconduct.

Cash Logistics Industry: KENT CamEye is a perfect security system for cash in transit vehicle as the device helps in keeping a watch in any situation takes place while transporting the cash. The device helps in monitoring the complete route taken by the device and offers you a complete peace of mind.

KENT CamEye can be a complete security package for any industry and can ensure the safety of your vehicle and products on the go. So install a KENT CamEye today in your vehicle and say good bye to all your business worries. The device is available on amazon and comes at a cost of Rs. 17999 with 3 months of free subscription. To book a free demo call 9582612345 and one of our representatives will assist you further.

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