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Indian American Dating Site Giving Right Meaning Of “LOVE”


Indian American dating is one of the thought which gives the Indian politicians a great high but unfortunately they rush towards U.S.A to find their perfect sojourn and end up with their own girlfriends and sometimes boyfriends too in Elton John style. Once they get back to INDIA they end up in whimper and then keep the same thought that at least the paparazzi did not attacked with their volley of questions. In this way, their wish of keeping their scandalous career afloat comes up in true Bhanwari Devi style and they just could not make out that camera is not only for success but also portrays excess in life.

Indian American Dating Site Giving Right Meaning Of LOVE

Getting into Indian American Dating Site is for those beautiful Chubby who look for the same thought (like minded) person who can give them the sex of their own ways and it should not end in nightmare where one has to take the life at different places but the comfort of their home from where they could eat the food of their liking and get the morning kiss with the boy or the person who has grown up under their wings and understand their smell to the perfection. It is the understanding of woman which changes the face of the date according to her wishes and not the man who could not closely observe himself while doing sex or dating as in America dating leads to sex most of the time.

The need of getting the love with all the attitude of respect and humility is the true character rather than capturing the woman and taking her to a place where she does not feel comfortable and thus raping her mind from which she never recovers in life and remember no woman loves to get her dating end up in a brothel. For their own sake of mind if one remembers the Cleopatra or the Rukmini none of them went for a toss in life but got the most out of their love even after getting captured. So, turning a woman into a whore after a blind date takes the worse of the curse and the person who does that never recovers in life although he may receive money in return and pat on the back by the dirty mind but at last does not get the love in return. So, remember love and relationship is all about getting that casual date into romance and the flirting is an attitude which comes from generation after generation and then God of Love is in every religion.

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