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Impact of Mobile Application on Student Performance


The advanced technology is playing a major role in student’s life by providing online platforms like educational apps, e-Book and by using internet they can interact with the professionals and can obtain useful information. One of the trending technologies such as mobile app influences the students to utilize for the personal and professional purpose. According to the research, the use of mobile phones and mobile applications used in English language contributes the development of language skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening. Everyone refers the website or mobile apps in order to fetch the data and to search for anything.

Impact of Mobile Application on Student Performance

Mobile apps help to accomplish the learning by making it a fun way of learning and teaching. Students tend to learn very faster with the help of mobile application. If you are learning using mobile app you have an advantage- your app is with you all the time whenever you want. Student can study even midnight with the assistance of an online teacher. Most of the lessons are converted into the games, gifs, and videos etc that make them more interesting. Every student will not have the same learning habit. Some may find hard to understand while others they can easily grasp the things. Teachers can easily analyse the performance of each student with the help of the apps. Teachers can conduct the online or offline exams may be on a daily.

The potential of using mobile app improves the strength of education and learning. A Smartphone with educational apps can be a useful tool to aid learners. Some of them are math, typing games, language learning app. Mobile learning provides online learning platform where the user can access anywhere at any time. According to the study, use of mobile app results in better retention, reducing training times and boost productivity than the training models. Rapid development in cloud technologies is boosting the use of mobile devices in education which can access the services over internet. Some educational apps help the parents to track the child’s study progress. The app provides the history of reading books test etc. With the tremendous growth of mobile technology schools can communicate directly with the parents. Special attention can be given to the student with very weak in studies. Usually it is not easy to pay attention for all students, but through apps it is easy. Improved understanding for the student is one of the big impacts of mobile devices in the educational institutions. Researchers in their study found that the students who were using mobile devices for their learning purpose had higher academic achievements compared to that of student who were learning in the classroom. This means that those students who were using mobile devices had better scores.

Improved Understanding of Student:

One of the main issue teacher’s faces is that different students learn at different ways. It might be difficult for the teachers to teach separately. So with the help of modern technology we can solve major problems regarding learning. The impact of mobile devices on students for learning purpose on building a better world cannot be ignored. It also improves speaking and communication skills of a student. The impact of smart technology in the classroom also helps the teachers to teach and makes the students to understand more. (The studies reported that mobile phones overall have a negative impact on student grades as they distract students from engaging in lessons. Well, parents should teach the children about the strategies to manage their mobile phones and also monitor their grade point average regularly. So, simple try this best UF gpa calculator to calculate UF grade point average or UF CGPA of you semesters. Regularly monitoring your UF gpa can helps you I a great way as you come to know in which subject you need improvement to attain higher grades!)

People mainly focus more attention on potential dangers than on the potential benefits of games, but some games are a part of modern childhood. Some games are a powerful tool for developing certain skills. Certain video games can help children’s brain development.

All these points prove that mobile applications play a major role in enhancement of education. World has changed a lot and educational method have been changing as well. Including technology, such as mobile apps in education can benefit the students to get more knowledge and prepare them to face the world where the technology has laid its hands in every field. There is no boring content, instead achievements are awarded and people are being motivated. Whether you are a student, an employee or an entrepreneur, mobile apps can help you to do task in a timely manner and help you to solve complex problems.

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