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How to Upgrade Your Fashion Sense in 2020


In the new year, you might be hoping to upgrade your fashion sense. If you don’t consider yourself to be a very fashionable person, though, you might not really know where to start. These are a few tips that can help you change up your look and feel good about your fashion sense in the new year and beyond.

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Understand That the Little Touches Matter

When choosing your outfits, remember that even the little touches do matter. Choosing the right necklace or carrying the right custom phone cases can make a big difference. If you haven’t paid attention to the details in the past, now is the time to look for little ways to upgrade your outfits. Luckily, buying new accessories is often cheaper than buying all new clothing, so this can be a great way to upgrade your style and change up your look without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

Don’t Forget Your Personal Style

There is nothing wrong with wanting to change up your look, but you shouldn’t completely give up your personal style, either. If you choose outfits that truly reflect your taste and style, then you’ll probably love them more and rock them a whole lot better. Consider putting a new spin on old favorites or adding small touches that suit your personal style. For example, if you’ve always loved rocking band tees and jeans, consider wearing a nicer pair of jeans with a fitted band T-shirt and a few cute accessories. You’ll still be rocking the style that you know and love, but you might feel more confident about your look at the same time.

Dress for Your Body

One common mistake that many people make when choosing their clothing is not paying attention to their own body type. Certain types of clothing look more flattering on some body types than others. Try experimenting with a few different jean cuts and shirt or dress styles until you find what is most flattering for you.

Look for Inspiration Online

Sometimes, it pays to look for a little bit of inspiration. Luckily, there are tons of fashion blogs and websites out there. You can also follow fashionable people on social media. Although you might not want to copy anyone else’s personal style completely, you might get a better idea of what is and isn’t fashionable and what types of looks you do and don’t like by looking for style inspiration online.

Be Willing to Try Something New

It can be easy to get stuck in a fashion rut. If you find yourself buying the same items over and over again, it might be time to step out of the box a little bit. If you normally wear casual clothing, for example, try out a comfortable dress or a nice skirt. If you normally wear baggier, looser clothing, it might be time to try something that is a little tighter. It might take a little bit of time to get used to wearing new and different things, but you’ll probably be glad that you gave new styles a try in the long run.

Focus on Proper Sizing

Finding clothing that fits well can be a challenge, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to proper sizing. Clothing that is properly fitting is pretty much always going to be more comfortable and flattering. If your clothing fits you properly, you will probably find that it will last a lot longer, too.

To make sure that clothing fits you properly, take your measurements, and use the size chart on the site that you’re shopping on. If you’re shopping in-store, go shopping when you have time to try garments on before buying them. If you still struggle with a proper fit, consider taking your items to be tailored. This usually doesn’t cost much and can make a huge difference in the fit of your clothing, even if only minor tailoring has to be done.

Take Good Care of Your Clothing

One of the best things that you can do to upgrade your look is to make sure that you take good care of your clothing. This will help you look your best, and it can help you save money on clothing, too. Follow the care instructions on your clothing labels, and hang or fold your clothing to prevent it from getting wrinkled or otherwise damaged.

This is the year when you should start thinking about upgrading and changing up your style. Luckily, the tips above can help you get started.

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