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How to Track the ROI in Construction Industry


From a fleet management point of view, the Construction industry is unique in several ways. There are various types of vehicles and equipment to keep track of and manage. The varying construction sites with materials are then spread all over. No wonder that it calls for a flexible fleet management solution, which provides meaningful ROI for all classes of vehicles and properties.

How to Track the ROI in Construction Industry

The fleet solution by KENT CamEye with its heavy emphasis on ROI is particularly suitable for the construction sector. The key to success lies in the use, and when you know exactly where each mobile crane or heavy truck is, and when you are able to deploy your service vehicles and compressors on time as required, your projects are progressing quickly. CamEye’s asset management feature also protects your equipment when it isn’t at work. In addition, the Geofence warnings are an established means of preventing theft and unauthorized activity.

It is important to ensure that each of your valuable assets from the site has been properly accounted for and reassigned when the project is completed. In reality, keeping track of all your properties and transferring them to the next destination in time is a daily task, and holds the key to minimizing downtime and optimizing efficiency.

Improved Customer Service:

Real-time data from the fleet helps the customer service staff to reliably inform customers of the arrival time. The clients appreciate the fact that the tracking system provides actual information.

There are restrictions on permitted working hours in some construction site areas due to the neighbourhood. The tracking solution helps the fleet manager to monitor operation on a remote site and ensure that there are no violations which can impact the customer locally. Instead, there’s the problem of asking exactly how long on site a specific device has been pressed into service. The easily accessed historical records support the company in reliably and verifiably billing the client.

Driver Scores:

In terms of lawsuits, fines, maintenance and also insurance costs, taking active measures to promote safety saves a construction company much. KENT CamEye has an algorithm for determining a driver’s protection based on its braking, acceleration and operation. This forms an objective based on which, drivers classified as dangerous can be given specific advice to change such behaviours. It decreases risk exposure and further, insurance companies can charge a less annual premium on the fleet.

Everything as Per Plan:

There is more effective dispatching, due to the exact locations of the vehicle being identified. Construction fleets have an assorted asset fleet, and maintenance alerts are very useful in keeping all the equipment in an effective working condition. Our customers reported lower maintenance costs because reduced idling (due to monitoring) means less wear on the engine and also less fuel wastage. For KENT CamEye, fuel costs can be reduced by up to 10% and maintenance also by up to 20%.

KENT CamEye, the location tracker in India is available at a price of Rs.17, 999 and offers 3 months free subscription. To book a demo call 9582612345 now!

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