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How to Take Care of Your Bedroom All Year?


Bedroom maintenance is a time taking and annoying task. Your room is a personal space where you spend most of your time. However, people often forget to keep it clean and tidy. A disorganized room starts to look a mess quickly. If your room is still left with space where you can add more clutter, stop right now! Start cleaning it properly and make sure to maintain it throughout the year.

The busy everyday routine often keeps us from cleaning our space. You only remember its hygiene once it starts smelling or if you are planning a makeover. People love to keep trendy furniture in their bedrooms yet they forget to take care of it. No wonder you can prefer the Slumber Slumber voucher codes to find high-quality bedding items. Yet, you still need to maintain your bedroom.

How to Take Care of Your Bedroom All Year

Here is a quick list of rules that you can follow for keeping the condition of your space.

Remove the Clutter First

  • Focus on the weather conditions around your residence. If the climate allows you, open the windows of your room to let in the breeze. You can prefer fans to allow some air and remove the unpleasant odors from your space. It is most likely possible to have an annoying smell in your room due to the cleaning supplies.
  • Carry a garbage bag to the room with you. Throw every unnecessary item in the bin. Look for wrappers, plastic, containers, and relatable junk and discard it. Also, garbage bags are useful for getting rid of dust and dirty paper towels that you sue while cleaning.
  • Start collecting all the clothes in your room that are left in different corners. Try to gather them in a pile at first. Soon after you have all the clothes gathered, separate the dirty and clean clothing.
  • Place a laundry basket in your room. It is necessary to have such a bin for keeping in dirty clothes. Start picking up any dirty clothes from the floor and leave them in the basket. You can also collect all the dirty clothes and throw them in the bin together.
  • Hang the clean apparel in your wardrobe properly. Do not make a mess in the cupboard. Try to place every cloth in its place. If there are fresh clothes that you are planning to wear, keep them in a different corner.
  • Items that are not in place must go back to where they belong. Look for everything in the room and find its perfect location. Keep books in the shelf, papers in the drawer, stationery in the box, and clean clutter from the furniture. Cables, wires, headphones, and similar items must go back to their spaces.
  • Organize your room properly and look for any leftover clutter. Find if any furniture is misplaced and fix it. Also, find if there is space prone to any mess and rearrange it quickly. Maintain items on the top of your furnishings and rearrange artifacts to give a fresh look.

Clean the Ceiling and Walls Too

  • Prefer a feather duster or find an extended handle for cleaning dust from the ceiling. You can look for a rag and clean high areas. Also, you can wrap a microfiber cloth around the broom handle to clean dust. This fabric attracts dust and helps in cleaning the room quickly.
  • Do not overlook anything in the room hanging with the ceiling. Clean dust from the lights and fans in the room. Also, if there are any decoration pieces on the ceiling, sanitize them too. It is common to have webs and spiders on top of the room. Clean them with a broom or duster without getting hurt.
  • If you have any blinds or curtains hanging in the room, take care of them too. First of all, remove from for a wash. They catch a lot of dirt. If you believe they can be cleaned without washing, brush them. You can most likely clean blinds with a dry cloth damped in warm water. For curtains, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the grime.
  • Clean the bottom part of your room as well. Look for the baseboards and use a microfiber cloth to get rid of dirt. Also, you can use a duster and remove dust from the corners. If there are any leftover stains on the walls, clean them with a wet cloth. Damp it in warm water and remove stains completely.
  • Remove dirt from the glass and windows by using a glass cleaner. You can use a cloth to remove dust initially and then wash glasses. Prefer a cloth paper to remove stains sand streaks from the glass after spraying a glass cleaner. Finish the procedure by drying it with a dry cloth to make the glass shine.

Wrap Up

It is essential to keep your room clean and tidy. These steps will always help you in removing clutter from the bedroom. Adopt a habit of maintaining your room regularly or at least weekly. It will take the least possible time to clean your space if you follow the rules of room maintenance.

Also, a tidy room will contribute to the health and fitness of an individual too.

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