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How to Make Your Home Marketable With Solar Energy


The cost of living is increasing every day, and renewable energy sources are getting depleted by the minute. Such a spike in the cost of living begs for alternative ways to reduce it; a good example is the need to adopt renewable energy sources.

Solar energy is an excellent example of a renewable energy source getting adopted by businesses and homeowners. Its popularity stems from its affordability and maintenance-free features. Also, it can come in handy in increasing your home value; here’s how.

How to Make Your Home Marketable With Solar Energy

Incorporate Smart Technology

Smart technology is efficient as it automatically keeps track of your energy usage even when you’re not home. Such automation reduces energy wastage, further saving energy.

Incorporating smart technology to the solar energy installed in your home sure bolsters your home value. Homebuyers are after ways to cut utility costs, and there is no better way to guarantee them this than using solar energy with smart technology.

A survey done by T3 Sixty concluded that over 75 percent of home buyers are willing to pay more for a smart home. According to homeowners, smart homes help them save more in the long run due to their efficiency in reducing utility costs.

Install Solar-Powered Equipment

You cant access solar energy for electricity without solar panels. And statistically, homes with solar panels installed in them have shown an increase in value by 4.1 percent. Also, you must include solar-powered equipment, for instance, a solar-powered generator.

Solar-powered generators come in handy when your power grid is down. They can also come in handy as a portable source of solar energy.

However, it’s important to note that major cities have a high-demand for solar-powered homes as the cost of living in these cities is often high. Therefore, weigh with your home’s location before going green.

Incorporate Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are a cost-effective mechanism for generating hot water for your home. These heating systems do so by harnessing solar energy to heat your water storage tanks to produce hot water.

Unlike the conventional electricity grid one, this heating is efficient as it uses solar energy. Incorporating this water heating system increases your home value as it reduces the cost incurred from using electricity instead.

Research on the ideal system depending on your area’s climatic conditions as there are two systems designed for warm areas and areas with cooler conditions.

Better Design

Having solar panels installed is not a guarantee that your home’s market value will increase. The main determinant is always your home design unless the buyers are willing to renovate it, which is always rare.

Therefore, ensure the design is not disappointing. An excellent design incorporates a good HVAC system by installing large windows that provide ventilation.

Such a design reduces the cost incurred by installing an HVAC system. Therefore, ensure on top of installing solar panels, the overall design is also cost-efficient. Remember, the goal is to reduce the utility costs of your prospective buyer; doing so automatically boosts your house’s value.

Avoid Leased Solar Equipment

Solar energy is the current fad in the real estate world. This renewable source of energy has shaped the home market graph. Such a spike in the need for solar-powered homes has led to the rise of leased solar equipment.

If you have a leased solar system, you must wait for the lease to be up before putting your home in the market. Statistically, homes with leased solar equipment are less favored by home buyers as buyers often have to buy or assume the costly lease.

Therefore, buy the lease out before selling the home.

Improve conditions

Now conditions are different from design. The design is the home’s overall look, while the condition is the state the house is at. A house in bad condition has a low market value whether you install solar panels or not.

Therefore, ensure the conditions are great by remodeling areas that need a retouch. Good conditions will stabilize the marketability of your home.

Solar energy improves a home’s value. However, if missed, some things can still affect your home value, whether with solar energy or not. The above are some of the nitty-gritty that you ought to look out for to improve your solar-powered home value.

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