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How to Make Your Entrance Door More Attractive When You Are On Budget


A simple wooden or metal door may not look attractive and create an impression that you want to create. Replacing the door with a new one requires you to spend a lot of money. You might also need to change the door frame if you install a new door to replace the existing one.

How to Make Your Entrance Door More Attractive When You Are On Budget

However, there are ways you can offer a completely new look to your existing door without spending too much money. You can use these inexpensive ways to make your entrance door more attractive on a budget.

Repaint the door

Repainting is the best and most effective to offer your door a brand new look. You need to do some sanding and priming before applying a new coating of paint on the door for a smooth and long-lasting finish. Oil-based paints are best for a smooth and glossy finish for your front door. The front door faces a lot of dust and debris from the outdoor environment. Therefore, it is best to use a dust-resistant paint with a glossy finish that is easy to clean while retaining its finishing for years.

Add molding

Adding a wall-panel molding adds architectural interest to a simple and plain door. Arrange the molding into a pattern of rectangles or squares to make panels enhance the appeal of your door. Research traditional door designs that are best suitable to the architecture if you stay in an older home. Attach the molding to the construction glue, finish, the nails, or both depending on the material on your door. Fill with putty in any nail holes, then sand the putty smoothly. Finally, to match your door, prime and paint the molding.

Install new fixtures

Replacing the old worn fixtures can make a big difference in the visual appeal of your door. The person seeing the door assumes that it is as find as its knobs and handles. Remove the skimpy old knobs and install the shiny brass, steel of bronze units with modern shapes, and long handles to enhance the overall appeal.
Distract attention of visitors

Surrounding your entry door with other attractive things can distract the eyes of observer to other things instead of your door. Place two container plants on each side of the door with attractive plants or use a pair of urns filled with topiary to offer a formal appeal. Place in front of the threshold a luxurious new welcome mat.

Make the Entry Point Pop

A door painted in bold color creates strong contrast with the trim and siding. Painting the door in a bold color is an easy way to revamp a tired entry. You can choose a color according to the color of your home and surrounding the door.

Update the architecture

Update the style of your door and add appropriate architecture details like moldings, columns, trims, and decorative brackets. If there are such elements in your door, you can bolster their appeal by a new coat of stain or paint. Moreover, you can replace some elements that fall within your budget.

Repeat elements

You can connect the door with the rest of the elements to create a cohesive appeal of your entrance. A prominent design like a window arch above the door reappears in the overhead awning. You can experiment by repeating some other elements around your front door to create a more cohesive look for your entrance.

Add glass to hollow core door

If you have a hollow core door on your front entry, you can add glass to your door. Your door will look more attractive, and the glass will enhance the overall appeal of your entry. For example, the glass bifold doors Ryde can improve the front entrant of any property. You can not only improve the look of the door with some elbow grease, but you can also add some light and elegance to the whole room. It’s the perfect chance to add decorative glass in your home.

Final Words

These are the things you can try to make your entry door more attractive. Making little changes like repainting, installing new features, and upgrading the architecture can make your entrance more appealing and pleasing. Spending some money to remodel your front door can impose a great first impression of your property on the guests and visitors.


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