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How to Junk a Car: 6 Expert Tips on Unwanted Car Removal


Are you tired of seeing your old unwanted car parked in your driveway or backyard? Fortunately, there are many places that buy junk cars. What better way to get rid of your junk car than to make money out of it. The best part is there are many places that’ll buy your junk car so you can ask around for the best price in town. The following expert tips explain the process of how to junk a car while getting the maximum price out of it.

How to Junk a Car: 6 Expert Tips on Unwanted Car Removal

Research on The Laws and Regulations Regarding Scrap Car Removal

It is important as a scrap car owner to familiarise yourself with the rules and limitations on scrap car removal. Understanding these regulations will protect you from being treated unfairly. Make sure you get the Certificate of Destruction as proof before the service providers take your old car. This ensures that you are not liable for fines in the future.

Have all Car Ownership Documents Together

All unwanted car removal service providers need to protect themselves from fraudulent consumers. They must make sure that the owner has all the documents that prove car ownership. This is essential to avoid buying stolen cars. Therefore, all important documents, such as the driver’s license and repossession affidavit, must be submitted.

If you are not the current owner, work towards getting the ownership of the vehicle. In almost all legal scrap yards, they must ensure you are the rightful owner before making any purchase. Therefore, be sure to establish ownership before making any sales decision.

Know the Value

As a consumer, you must assess the damage done to your car to determine its value. This entails getting all the information about the condition of your vehicle. As a result, you might repair the damage to your car in order to command a better price. However, if the repairs are expensive, it is best to turn to an unwanted car removal service provider and avoid the struggle.

For example, there are many places willing to offer you a good deal on cars for cash in Ipswich Town. If you are living in the area, you may consider discussing the matter with the car removalist to find the best solutions for your old car.

Decide if you Want to Sell the Used Car Parts Separately

In most cases, you will get more profits if you disassemble and sell the working parts of your old car individually. However, it takes extra effort. The entire process of detaching, storing and advertising parts is also time-consuming. Remember, if you do not know enough about how to remove a working part, let the professionals do the work.

However, it is important to monitor the process correctly. This avoids destroying all other adjacent components during the disassembly process. Pro tip: Make sure you remove the engine or gearbox to earn the most out of your old car.

Ensure there is Enough Space for Disassembly

Remember to remove all personal belongings from the car even though the car has not been used for a while. Again, make sure you have enough space so that the trailer can carry your car and not destroy any adjacent property.

Choose a Reputable Auto Dismantling Company Near You

For you to enjoy a stress-free car removal service, it is vital to choose a reputable car removal service provider. Get advice from your acquaintances and from your friends. Opt for a company that has garnered many positive reviews from its customers.


If you have an old vehicle parked in your compound, understanding the above tips will make the entire scrap car removal process hassle-free. Now that you are familiar with what an unwanted car removal entails, start your journey in getting rid of that scrap car that is occupying unnecessary space.


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