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How to Host a Bridal Shower Party


Bridal shower parties are the soul of a pre-wedding celebration for the bride and her friends. Considering family members and close relatives at the party is a choice. Organizing a bridal shower is not an easy task. If you are hosting such a party for the first time, you need to get extra conscious. Here is a complete guide for throwing a bridal shower party like a pro. From invitation cards in different styles like sunflower wedding shower invitations to all other tips for such parties are enlisted below.

• Decide a date for a bridal shower near to wedding day

The first and foremost thing about hosting a bridal shower party is choosing the date. To make this day memorable for the bride, always select a date falling near to her big day. Make sure you do not throw the party just before a week. Try to arrange the bridal party a fortnight before the wedding day.

• Decide dress code for bride-to-be and guests to differentiate

The main aim of any bridal shower party is to give the bride good tints and make her feel special. This is possible when you set a dress code for your guests, which is different from the Bride to be dress code and color. If your bride to be not feel like a queen at the party, you are not hosting a good party.

• Make a short guest list very wisely

Selecting a guest list for a party is an enormous task. You must make it a personal affair and stick to a minimal guest policy for bridal showers. Just include close friends of the bride and her colleague friends only. Always avoid inviting people she has differences. Including family members is also a good option. Virtual presence of the groom in the party can make her day.

• Invitation cards should be creative and charming

Invitation cards cannot be bland. Make them creative and add some bohemian tint as Boho bridal shower invitations are getting very popular these days. Always manage to send these invitations to the guests on time. They must get the invitation before one week of the party.

• Choose an Interesting destination for a bridal shower party

Destination or party venue is a big deal to select. Always make sure to book the venue on time to avoid last-minute issues. Choose a destination that is attractive and fits your budget as well. You can host such parties on the lawn, in private gardens, and in other personal spaces. Greenery is the icing on the cake for such parties.

• A bridal shower party should have a great theme

You cannot throw a party that does not have a good theme. Decide a piece of the party based on the bride’s interests. If she like orchids, you can decorate the venue with orchids. Similarly, try to figure out her interests and select a theme accordingly. Theme-based bridal shower parties are very much trending nowadays. Even you can quickly get decoration stuff for different theme parties.

• Decorate the venue by igniting bride to be interests

When decorating the venue of the party, the interests of the primary guest should be in mind. Avoid choosing decoration stuff that offends her. Try to ignite her interests through your decoration. Note her favorite things like colours, flowers, and lights for decoration. Always throw the party in the afternoon, which is ideal for Bridal showers. You can buy thematic decoration kits to ease your job doe decoration. Hiring professionals to decorate the venue customized is also a good choice.

• Party food should be a good treat for guests tongue

Arranging snacks and starters at the party is a must. You cannot expect your guests to attend the party with only a few drinks. They must get good treatment for their stomach. Keep the food menu simple and short, but the food should taste good. Select a restaurant that delivers fresh and tasty food. Order as per the guest list only. Always secure extra food for a couple of people to avoid any issues.

• Don’t forget to organize a mini bar for your guests

Drinks are the real soul of any party, and you cannot afford to avoid them for bridal showers. It is okay if you do not want to include hard drinks at the party. But at least try to offer your guest soft drinks. They should be served from the beginning of the party only. You are not a good host if your guests stand without drinks at the party.

• Don’t stretch the party duration too long

A long party means a boring party for people. Nowadays people do not have much time to spend at parties. Modern and hectic lifestyles do not allow them to do so. That is why try to keep it a short time affair only. A Bridal shower party ideally lasts for three to four hours. Do not stretch it beyond that to create boredom. Keep a proper plan of time for the party.

• Fun activities are the soul of the bridal shower

Your party should include fun activities like games, chatting, and music. Everything should revolve around the interests of the bride-to-be. This is because it is her day, and she must feel special. Play the music she likes, the games should be entertaining and engaging.

• Gifts are must

A bridal shower is mainly an occasion where giving the bride a gift is a central motif. Must include interests of the main guest of your party. Give the fantastic gifts that she can use in her near life after the wedding. Pamper your friend who is getting married with a lot of gifts in her Bridal shower.

These are a few ideas and tips to host a Bridal shower party like a pro. For newbie people, it becomes a bit challenging to organize such parties. That is why such suggestions play a crucial role in helping them to throw an excellent Bridal Shower party for close friends.

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