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How To Have Fun in Social Events While Newly Sober


It is possible to have a great time at a party or social event even if you choose not to drink. Some great strategies can enable you to stay sober (and have fun) during social occasions. You only need to know what works out best for you and remain conscious so that the crowd does not drift you.

How To Have Fun in Social Events While Newly Sober

Be in Charge of What You Drink

You might think being so fussy about your non-alcoholic drink among loved ones is ridiculous. However, it is relatively simple for someone to overlook that you are trying to abstain and serve you alcohol by accident.

Get your cocktails and keep an eye on the bartender as they are poured to ensure there is no sneaking booze into them. Also, some folks do not realize your predicament or your history of substance abuse. Others might try to assist you in “loosening up” by sneaking alcohol into your glass.

In addition, you must not leave your beverage unattended on a table and return to it later. A single accidental drink might lead to a full-blown relapse if you thought the glass you were using contained alcohol.

Look for a Sober Buddy

Use the buddy system whenever possible. Engage a close friend who is aware of your decision to abstain from alcohol by inviting them to an outing with you. Take every precaution to avoid returning to Suboxone addiction treatment if you recently recovered from this or other forms of addiction. Your significant other, sponsor or a close relative are also excellent party companions.

Your buddy will be the initial line of defense to avoid giving in to enticement. They are also an opportunity to have someone to lean on in times of stress or anger. If you plan on attending the event sober, keep an eye out for other sober guests when you get there.

People abstain from alcohol for various reasons, including health and religious considerations. You might find it strange that some folks don’t even like the flavor of alcohol, much less the idea of using narcotics. Please spend some time with them and observe how they enjoy themselves while sober.

Leave Early if the Situation Could be Compromising

Leave the occasion if you need to; it’s okay if you cannot handle it right now. Your sobriety and mental health must be your priority at the moment. True friends would understand if you explained the situation to them. You do not have to go to the party if the thought that doing so could be too much to handle at the moment.

First-time sober people have a steep learning curve when figuring out how to function normally. There is no quick fix when it comes to healing. In months or weeks, you will feel more resilient and capable. Recognize the effort you put in and reward yourself for it.

Be Grateful

You are embarking on a brand-new existence right now! You have got your act together, and you are sober! Your social anxiety about losing it and looking foolish at parties is now a thing of the past. There will not be any more slurred speech or regretful hangovers. Keep your chin up. This is a bright and promising new chapter in your life. And when it is time to leave, you can grab your keys and make the short journey to your vehicle without stumbling. Recognize your good fortune in having this possibility to better yourself.

Think Fun

Assuming you will not be able to enjoy yourself without alcohol can quickly become a self-fulfilling fantasy. You might even avoid social situations in the notion that you can’t have fun if you are sober, which would further cement that belief in your mind and the minds of others around you.


Living sober can be more rewarding than we ever thought possible. You can have more fun than ever, no matter where you go, if you only take a few precautions and keep a positive outlook

Have some adult summer fun, but remember to stay sober. Dance! Laugh! Munch on a lot of nutritious foods. This newfound freedom allows you to continue your sober lifestyle without sacrificing life’s pleasures.

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