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How to Find a Solar Company Near Me


Are you planning to install solar panels on your roof? Are you wondering, “ how do I find the best solar company near me?”

Then you know that it’s paramount to identify the best company to do the installation. Hiring professionals will ensure your panel system operates optimally and they offer quality service.

How to Find a Solar Company Near Me

But how do you go about it, especially when you know many people who have had a terrible experience? Here are a few tips to help you find the best solar company near you.

Experienced Solar Company Near Me

There are many companies in the solar industry that lack the right expertise. These companies are likely to sell cheap solar panels and do substandard installations. The last thing you want to do when investing in a solar system is deal with a rookie.

A reliable solar company in your area will show how long they have been in the industry on their website. Solar energy systems are complex to install and set up.

A company with more than two years of hands-on experience in the renewable energy sector is the best to hire.

Licenses and Insurance

Solar installation companies should have the needed insurance policies and business licenses. They should have a general contractor’s license or a C-10 license. These licenses are proof that they can handle the electrical and wiring components.

Standard licenses include home performance contracting, home improvement, electrician, and general contracting licenses. Also, a solar team must have general liability insurance.

Reputation in the Industry

Reviews from previous customers are a great way to assess your local solar power company. Their ratings and reviews offer insight. Such information will give you a heads-up to help you make an informed decision.

So, it’s crucial to check their pattern of rating distribution and customer complaints. If they have poor ratings, choose a different company to do your solar panel installation.

Workmanship Warranty

Workmanship warranties cover any problems that may occur because of the wrong installation. If your installer did not screw your solar panel down well, the warranty would cover the repair costs.

Solar energy contractors offer various warranties from equipment, workmanship, and performance. These warranties cover a wide range of solar installation elements. They can last between 1 to 25 years, depending on the type of coverage.

Get Quotations

Companies that offer solar panel installation services charge different rates. The cost varies depending on the type of panel system.

But, the most used approach by most companies is cost-per-watt. Choose an installer who charges a flat rate.

Reputable companies will book an appointment to see the size of your solar panel system. It will be easy to get an accurate price.

Contact several installers and get quotes. Choose one with the most competitive price to save money.

Use the Above Tips to Find the Right Local Solar Power Company

Are you still wondering, ‘‘How do I choose the best solar company near me?’’

Finding a solar company is no easy task. But if you may get the appropriate one to work with, the advantages of solar energy are tremendous. You’ll be glad you did it and thoroughly investigated the firm!


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