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How to Extend Your Wi-fi And Make it Faster?


Crawling-WiFi-speeds, one can feel frustrated even by reading these three words. With all the outflow of technology and internet-dependent devices in our homes, making sure that our home internet can cope up with all of them is crucial. Most of the internet packages offer seamless roaming and connectivity, but for those that don’t, we have spectrum internet plans for an affordable switch and a list of hacks and fixes to both, extending the range and boosting the speeds of your Wi-Fi.

How to Extend Your Wi-fi And Make it Faster

However challenging it is to achieve full Wi-Fi coverage in our homes, even in those sneaky little corners like the basements, it isn’t entirely impossible. As wireless signals travel through the atmosphere, in the form of radio signals, they need a clear and un-hurdled path unlike in the wired connections that aren’t disturbed by such hurdles. These interferences weaken wireless signals and hence are an important concern to look into, before installing your Wi-Fi connection.

Types of Interferences

Following is the list of obstructions that a wireless connection might face, eventually losing its strength:

  • Physical Objects: Physical objects pose low to a high degree of interference in the Wi-Fi signal transmission. The denser the material of an object, the difficult it is for radio signals to pass. For example, concrete or steel walls make it difficult for the signals to maintain their strength.
  • Electrical Interference: Devices like computers, microwaves, fans, and refrigerators cause electrical interference with the signals. The degree of interference depends upon the distance of wireless equipment from these electrical devices.
  • Environmental Factors: Being radio technology-dependent, wireless signals depend highly on environmental variations. For example, the degree of moisture in the air or fog can interfere with the signal strength. Lightning can also cause electrical interference, hence weaken the signals.
  • Router Positioning: Most of us fail to realize the importance of a ‘good spot’ for positioning our router. Positioning it low on the ground will result in greater hurdles and weaker signals. Similarly, the further you are from the device the weaker the signals get.

Ways to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal

Now that we have listed some of the factors that could cause obstruction, let us talk about ways to mitigate these issues;

1. Optimal Placement of Wireless Equipment

When it comes to wired internet connections, it is always easy to hide it away from sight. However when you’re talking about wireless internet connections, one must consider placing them in areas (away from walls, etc.) with least obstructions and enough room for their omnidirectional-signals to flow.

2. Better Antennas

Most ISP-rented routers have weak antennas. Nevertheless, there are several options to choose from if you are planning to purchase your own internet modem and router. Although wireless routers are hideous-looking, they do have powerful antennas, which are capable of giving a significant boost to the Wi-Fi speed and coverage.

3. Update the Software

Many tech experts suggest updating your software as the first thing to do. It comes with two main advantages, first, your system is updated for all the new features and upgrades, and secondly, the system is updated with the latest security measures.

4. Get a Wireless Range Extender

If your home has thick walls or places like basements, then investing in a range extender will be a sane idea, as it will help to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones. You can easily get one from Amazon.com at an economical price.

5. Reboot Your Modem

Sometimes the solutions are in simpler things, we’ve been ignoring all this time. Such as boosting your Wi-Fi signals by simply rebooting your modem and router. This can help get your network back on track. The suggested way to go about it is by unplugging both modem and router and waiting for 15 seconds. After this, turn on the modem first and wait for it to get online, followed by turning your router on.

6. Use Aluminum Foil

Only folks from the ’90s will remember using aluminum foil to the rabbit ears of your TV sets to boost or catch signals. Well, the same hack goes for Wi-Fi signals as well. The easiest way to go about it is by using an empty aluminum can, cutting it vertically in half, and planting it over the router’s antenna.

7. Keep a check on Bandwidth Hungry Apps

Just one bandwidth-hungry app can suck all the good juice out of your wireless device leaving the rest of the users frustrated. We all are aware of the internet lag that happens as soon as someone starts gaming in the house. Make sure to manage timings as to when such activities should ideally happen, in order to avoid inconveniences.


In short, I have listed the tried and tested ways to boost your Wi-Fi speed and increase its range. Try them at home and let us know in the comments, which one works the best for you. However, if all else fails, it might as well be the time to change your router.


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