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How to Create a Minimalist Beauty Routine on a Budget


If you are like most women, you spend a large part of your mornings getting beautiful for the day. That includes 40 minutes on average on skincare and makeup. You’ve acknowledged that you can spend that time much better and want to reduce the money and time on getting beautiful. You want to create an inexpensive beauty routine but are unsure where to start. Keep reading to discover how to create a minimalist beauty routine on a budget. These tips will reduce your beauty routine to five minutes and leave you lots of extra time.

How to Create a Minimalist Beauty Routine on a Budget

Have A Great Skincare Routine

It is vital to have a good skincare routine. However, with all the lotions and potions on the market promising perfect skin, it is easy to get overwhelmed or blow your budget. But if you are seeking a minimalist routine, there are some must-have products.

A good beauty routine starts with clean skin. It keeps your skin in excellent condition and glowing. Start by selecting a cleanser that has what your skin needs. That may include acne-fighting, pore reducing, or a cleanser with extra moisture.

Depending on your skin, you may also need serums to deal with other problems. Those problems may include anti-aging, even skin tone, exfoliation, and more. Some of the most popular active ingredients in serums include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Retinol
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid
  • Peptides
  • Glycerin

Although this isn’t a complete list of active ingredients, many of them will also be found in moisturizers too. If your skin doesn’t need special treatment, save money by getting active ingredients in a moisturizer.

Lastly, if your moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF, you’ll have to get a separate one. A thin layer of sunscreen 30 or over should go over your moisturizer. Your skin is quickly prepped and ready for your minimal beauty or makeup routine.

Inventory The Beauty Products That You Have

If you are someone who previously tried every product promising a great look, you likely have bins full of half-used products. Those are products that should be either given away or trashed.

Use what you have

While inventorying products, remember which ones worked for you – even if you replaced them. If that product fits into a category of products you will keep in your minimalist beauty routine, use it before repurchasing.

Purge Unwanted Products

Give away products that you won’t be using. Let friends go through your stash to pick out what items they want.

Decide what will be included in your minimal look

Decide what will get included in your minimal makeup look. Will it include foundation, blush, or eyeliner? You decide and ensure that you have your must-have products.

Don’t forget hair products when deciding what to include in your minimal beauty routine. Also, don’t be afraid to purchase discontinued products. That includes discontinued hair products like shampoo and conditioner. According to Beauty Plus Salon, getting the “best professional hair products you may need” can be purchased at a discount. Besides saving money, these products are in salon-size bottles.

A Daily Six-Step Minimalists Beauty Routine

This six-step minimalist routine will save time and money. All of your products can be purchased at drugstores.

  • Step 1: Clean and moisturize the skin.
  • Step 2: Apply foundation, BB or CC cream depending on how much coverage you want.
  • Step 3: Apply concealer over dark under-eye circles or blemishes.
  • Step 4: Use fingertips to apply blush or cheek color.
  • Step 5: Apply mascara.
  • Step 6: Apply lip and eye color. Choose a soft color and dab on with your fingertips.

Benefits Of A Minimalist Beauty Routine

There are tons of reasons why having a minimalist beauty routine is beneficial. The top benefits include:

  • You will have less product build-up on your skin. Build-up is from products layered on your skin day after day.
  • You will save money, storage space, and time.
  • Your natural radiance will shine daily.
  • It is easier to know how your skin responds to products.


As you have read, many women spend much of their morning on their beauty routine. The information above is a great place to start for those wanting to build a minimalist beauty routine on a budget. They will reduce your beauty routine to five minutes and leave you lots of extra time in the morning.


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