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How to Choose Yoga Teacher Training in India


What is yoga?

Yoga could be a group of physical, mental, and religious practices or disciplines that invented in ancient Asian nations.

Importance of Yoga:

A man may be a physical, mental and religious being; yoga helps promote a balanced development of all the 3. Other types of physical exercises, such as aerobic exercise, assure only physical well-being. They have very little to try to with the event of the religious or stellar body.

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Yogic workouts refresh the body with enormous energy and make easy:

  1. Attainment of perfect equilibrium and concord
    2. Promotes self-healing
    3. Removes negative blocks from the mind and toxins from the body
    4. Enhances personal power
    5. Increases self-awareness
    6. Helps in attention, focus, and focus, specifically essential for youth
    7. Reduces stress and stress between the body by activating the parasympathetic system

The aspirant feels rejuvenated and thrilled. Thus, yoga bestows upon each aspirant the powers to manage body and mind.
Nowadays there are many types of yoga teacher training courses available in India. There is some disorder about the difference between 200 hours and 300-hour yoga teacher training. Let’s are clear about how to choose a yoga teacher training in India.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

A 200-hour yoga record involves that your yoga teacher has completed all of the mandatory components as listed by the International Yoga Alliance to become an authorized teacher. This means there has been a few studies into yog thinking, analysis, positions, and history. The Yoga Alliance outlines a definite designation of hours of study that has got to be placed in every one of those subjects to attain the certificate of Yoga Teacher.

To me, 200-hour coaching may be a ripple on the surface of what’s the Brobdingnagian ocean of knowledge on the application of yoga.

200 hours is like a presentation, a chance to check the waters and attain our toes wet before deciding to leap in or not. If one yoga teacher out there feels that when 200-hour coaching they identify all there’s to snatch regarding dynamic and teaching this ancient tradition, notice another teacher. A career in Yoga is incredibly bright and even we tend to square gauge celebrating World’s Yoga Day on each twenty-first of a Gregorian schedule month, which is increasing it is quality day by day. It has been seen for years that peoples of everywhere the planet visit the Republic of India simply to be told everything concerning yoga, they forever within the quest of however yoga can facilitate their health and wellbeing and every one the final word poses to eliminate all stress and tension.

It has been established that yoga doesn’t facilitate America to form America healthy, however, it’s best to prefer once it involves having a peaceful mind, management over the anger and eliminates all restlessness feelings. As it is very effective, and if you have a passion for health and wellness along with the time, you better look forward to going with the 200-hour yoga teacher training course will give you great confidence to make others learn about yoga. Yes, this is something that won’t only help you to earn a good amount of money, but with regular practice, you will also able to work best for your body and mind. So are you planning for the same? But, what it is all about, you must know.

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This course is additionally called the second level yoga teacher coaching course and is appropriate for people who have already finished the primary level two hundred-hour coaching.

So solely once finishing the primary level coaching are you able to follow a three hundred hour yoga teacher coaching.

A three hundred hour course isn’t a substitute for primary level coaching.

A three hundred hour yoga teacher coaching is additional intense and is touch three hundred hours of coaching.

It is often referred to as “Advanced Yoga Teacher Training”, as its goal is to build on the foundation of the 200-hour teacher certification and help you advance your teaching skills and personal practice. It has an entirely different curriculum.

In a three hundred hour coaching, you may deepen your understanding of basic asanas moreover as learn to show tougher “advanced” asanas.

You will conjointly dive into bigger depth in yoga philosophy, moreover as yoga anatomy and physiology. With most yoga teacher training schools, it is required to possess a 200-hour teacher certification to enroll for the 300-hour yoga teacher training.

After completion of a three hundred hour coaching, you’ll be able to register as RYT three hundred, and if you have got conjointly with success completed a two hundred-hour coaching, you’ll be able to register as RYT-500. This advanced teaching certificate indicates that you are prepared to teach yoga with the deeper knowledge and skills developed through more extensive studies.

This advanced training program offers a cohesive, multi-faceted approach to teacher training, blending the best of the Yoga tradition from the East and the West. This course can assist you to outline WHO you’re as a yoga teacher and assist you to develop your distinctive voice. In order to create a comprehensive, educational, and healing program, together will explore Yoga, Ayurveda, and Ancient Wisdom.

We believe these 3 main subjects add artistic collaboration to assist people kind their own distinctive healing path. Within this wealthy material are some things to inspire everybody.


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