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How to Choose the Best Stud Earrings for Your Face Shape? A Quick Guide


Have you ever noticed how versatile a pair of stud earrings is? Whether you are running late for a corporate meeting or a night out with your girlies, studs are the easiest way to look put together and polished.

How to Choose the Best Stud Earrings for Your Face Shape

Earrings for women are not just an accessory. It is an intelligent way to transform your personality and add drama to your looks. Even if you are a sucker for long, dangling ear accessories such as hoop earrings or dangles, you would totally agree with us that studs are a timeless piece of earrings that may look basic but have the potential to magnify your overall natural beauty.

Select the Right Pair of Stud Earrings for Your Face Shape

If you are all in for buying a set of studs, it is time you go deep into it and understand what type of stud fashion earrings will flatter your face shape the most. Although studs look good on almost all types of personalities and faces, yet choosing the right set of studs is sure to amplify your beauty.

There are plenty of options in gemstone earrings; however, diamond tops the list due to its timeless magnificence that is enough to make anyone feel spell-bound. Let us share which type will fit the best as per your face and personality.

  • Those with a rounded face can go for asscher cut, princess cut, and cushion cut that can provide an elongated shape. Apart from studs, they can also go for dangle earrings that are helpful in balancing the face cut.
  • Oval shaped face is one of the best types, and studs in princess cut, asscher cut, and round cut go the best with it. If you are investing in a pair of earrings, do not forget to get yourself earring jackets that are an additional component helpful in changing the entire look of your existing set of earrings.
  • Heart shaped face requires something that is capable of taking the viewer’s attention towards the cheekbones, which is the highest part of this face shape. In this case, the best types are oval and round shaped studs.
  • People with diamond shaped faces should go for oval cut and cushion cut designer earrings which accentuates the entire facial structure.
  • A rectangular shaped face can be adorned with princess cut, round cut, cushion cut, and asscher cut stone studded earrings. There are multiple design options in gold and sterling silver earrings, so choose the one that matches right with your skin tone.
  • A person with a square shaped face should select studs in cushion cut, oval cut, and round cut to enjoy the added oomph in their natural looks.

How Your Face Structure Affects the Shape of Stud Earrings

The most intelligent approach while choosing a pair of studs is determining the face shape, and there is a logic behind this fact. If you have a delicate cheekbone structure, it is best to go for fancy earrings with a small stone size that accentuates your overall personality. On the other hand, those with a fuller face shape should opt for something big that is easily visible.

Choosing the Stud Earrings Based On Earlobes Size

Another vital aspect to consider while choosing a set of stud earrings is the size of the person’s earlobes. Yes, you read it right! A person’s earlobes must be kept under consideration while selecting studs as they can make a huge difference.

The earlobes are either attached or unattached. While choosing stud earrings for girls with attached earlobes, you must go for small size as this type of earlobes are smaller in size. Therefore, considerably smaller studs will compliment their overall look.

Whereas, the unattached earlobes are larger, which gives you the room to go experimental with your earring size and styles. Pearl drop earrings also look cute on women with unattached earlobes and offer an elegant style.

Picking Stud Earrings as Per Your Hairstyle

We know that you must not have put this much thought into selecting a pair of studs for yourself, but this is how it works. The hairstyle does play a huge role in determining the shape and size of stud earrings you should get yourself. We tend to keep changing our hairstyles every day, but everyone has a basic style that they feel most comfortable with. If you are someone with long, luscious hair and thinking of investing in a set of diamond earrings, then it is best to go for a big-sized stone that is easily visible that glitters as the light falls on it.

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