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How to Become an Influential Public Speaker


Public speaking is an art which not everyone is a master of. You need to have exceptional skills to ace public speaking. Many people thing public speaking is a profession which people select when they do not have any other option of profession is left. However, it is definitely not the case. There needs to be passion to become an influential public speaker. Do you have the passion to do public speaking and have exceptional qualities of motivating people? Following are some additional tips to become a much better and captivating public speaker.

How to become an influential public speaker

Be confident

The first thing you must have to become an influential public speaker is to be confident. You will need loads of confidence because your job literally is to stand in front of a large audience and address them on various different topics and subjects. If you are not confident, you can never become a public speaker. Confidence is the vital thing which helps people stand in front of a large crowd and speak out let alone motivate them in a certain direction. Therefore, be confident, literally, to initiate or save your public speaking career.

Engage with the audience energetically

Another important to keep in mind as a public speaker is to engage with the audience with as much energy as possible. No one wants to sit as an audience of a motivational session and listen to someone who himself needs motivation or otherwise is at the verge of passing out or seems too done with his job. You need to have the superpower of being extremely energetic and mainly, full of positive energy to be able to have an impact on the audience merely with your words.

Look extremely presentable

Always remember that the way you look has a strong influence on your personality and its effects on the people around you. You must always make sure that you are in your best outfit and looking presentable enough to be accepted and praised by the people. Looking presentable does not mean that you are supposed to wear a Gucci suit and Versace shoes with a Ray Ban glasses, rather it means to wear neat and tidy clothes which fits the environment of the event perfectly. You cannot go to a motivational session in your shorts, vest and flip-flops. No one from the audience will take you serious even for a second. Therefore, to have an impact on the people, always look presentable.

Take hate smartly

One thing which you need to permanently fix in your brain is that every public personality gets hate in one form or another. There is no public figure in the world who has never received hate in his entire life, no matter how noble he could be, he must have received hate from a few people at different parts of life and career. However, the strategy to adopt here is to always take hate smartly and with grace. Even if the audience has thrown a tomato towards you, don’t retaliate. Instead talk to them in a light loving tone and show them that you are not the one to keep hatred in your heart, it is them. Taking hate gracefully is an extremely hard thing to do, but you must learn it for the sake of your own professional image.

Present your idea according to audience’s perception

Public speakers must understand the nature of their audience before starting to address them. You cannot expect all the audiences in the world to be the same and take your points the exact same way. There are many different people with different mentality and perceptions. You must understand your audience and what its perception is so that you can conveniently present your ideas according to their perception. When you put forward a certain point according to the opponent’s perception, it has a much greater effect on them. In the corporate world as well, business presentation design online are also presented using the same strategy with the opponents’ perception in mind.

Visualize victory and step over your fear

One important hack which every public speaker must adopt since the beginning of their career is to visualize the victory every time they are up on the stage. It will help them to step over their fears and crush them under their feet. You will feel much closer to success by working on this specific strategy. Additionally, any sort of fear, for example stage fright can be fought with it as well.

To become a public speaker which has a great impact on the audience, you must have great passion for starters. Discussed above are some additional tips which will help you enhance your career of influential public speaking. Implement these and you will see a visible positive change in your professional capabilities.

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