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How to Become a Yoga Instructor? Your Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming a “Yogi”


Exercises, aerobics, weight training, cardio… these are often the solutions one turns to when they want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sure, they train their body. So, after hours of workout, they look good. But they still don’t feel good about themselves.
Now, they look for different avenues. But nothing works. No matter how good they look, they are not at peace with themselves.


So, finally, they turn to yoga because the aunty next door has been healthier and happier ever since she started yoga.
Yoga is about the only thing that can bring peace to both your mind and body!

Now those of you who already know the bliss yoga brings and want to go a step ahead, we have got just the thing for you!

Before you even begin, there are some prerequisites you need to keep in mind. One needs to have perseverance, knowledge, relevant skills and, above all, a true passion for the holy science of Yoga!

Step 1…

Enrol in a registered Yoga teacher training program

Once you are sure that teaching yoga is the one for you, start looking for yoga teacher training schools which provide valid certified courses which train you to become a Yoga instructor. A good teacher training programme is not only going to prepare for becoming a tremendous Yoga instructor, but it is also going to aid you in your overall personal growth.

Make sure that the course you enrol in is affiliated to a credited university.

When registered, you will have to study about physical postures, physical anatomy, injury prevention, philosophy and history of yoga.

Step 2…

Deciding a yoga style you love as this profession needs passion and dedication

Now you need to keep in mind that the field of Yoga encompasses a plethora of styles and not every style may be your cup of tea. Therefore, choosing a style that suits you the most should be of utmost concern.

Some of the styles that the field of Yoga offers are Ashtanga Vinyasa, Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, Kripalu, Jivamukti, Kundalini Yoga etc.

After deliberating over which style to choose, practice all the poses there are to learn in the particular style. Your focus should be on mastering them.

Step 3…

Completing your 100 or 200-hour teacher training certification course

The focus of the 100/200 hour programs includes knowledge about different asanas and body alignment. Several guidelines are provided by the institute to which the students need to adhere to.
Why the 200 hours?

This course ensures in-depth knowledge for execution of different poses and their practice for at least 2 hours, every day.

Once you are done with a 200-hour programme, you can add more expertise to your repertoire by enrolling in extension programmes. These extension programmes are aimed at specific demographics such as Kids’ Yoga or Pre- and Postnatal Yoga, etc.

Step 4…

Building a mailing list

Creating a personalized mail is a way of keeping in touch with the people around so that you can reach every nook and corner of the world. This will give a more professional outlook and attract more students. Moreover, it will enable you to broaden your horizon.
Creating a personalized email address will give you an edge over the others.

Step 5…

The decision about where to teach

In your journey to becoming a registered Yoga teacher, deciding where to teach, whether it is in your home town or abroad, is crucial. If you’re planning to teach abroad, there are certain prerequisites that you need to keep in mind, such as getting a passport, applying for a visa, getting proper information about the working conditions abroad and so on.

Another aspect that you need to take care of is whether you want to work independently or in an organisation. If you’ve decided to work independently, you should think about getting your own Yoga studio. But working independently requires you to take into consideration the issues of having enough money and space for the studio, besides being able to advertise properly for it.

Step 6…

Building more experience

As the old saying goes “experience is the teacher of all things,” thus, building experience should be your main objective. The more you teach, the better you become. There is simply no alternative to becoming experienced, other than hard work and dedication.

You should not stop there. Try to get advanced training. This way you’re going to increase your expertise.

So, be prepared for long hours of working and sweat your brow, day in and day out.

Step 7…

Get Yoga insurance!!!

Risks do not spare even the field of Yoga!

Regardless of teachers’ efforts to teach safe Yoga, injuries are inevitable. Which is why getting insurance is becoming even more important these days.

Lawsuits are expensive and financially overburdening. Thus, you need to have liability insurance which would look after all your economical expenses during your time of crises.


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