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How to Be in Touch with Customers all the Time


Customers are essential as they drive your business. You often focus on your marketing and social media presence to reach out to your customers, but you less often talk about how you can connect with them.

You know how to attract them, but you slip up on the part of engaging them so that they continue to buy your product or service. Content is a great way to communicate how your product or service can help you, but this may not be sufficient if you know them on a personal level.

How to Be in Touch with Customers all the Time

With demographics, you will have a superficial understanding of your target audience, and it will not be enough to engage your audience that means sales dropdown. If your customers are not buying, it means you have not understood your own business yet.
It is paramount that you connect with your audience if you do not want them to lose your competitors. Here is how you can do it.

Immediate response is the key

No matter your content is high quality, your customers may have queries. Of course, they would be tempted to have them solved immediately. Companies usually follow a 24-hour time frame.

You will have good reasons to justify this period, but the question is how long someone has waited to get yes or no. Many firms are very slow to respond to customers’ queries.

Imagine a scenario you find 50 messages in your inbox next morning when you start your day. Of course, it will take some time to understand the query to frame the answer. By the time you send in, 24 hours may have been over. It brings nothing but disappointment to your customers.

Therefore, you should render round-the-clock services. Some companies use Livechat and Chatbots to solve customers’ queries immediately.

Focus on personalised messages

A one-size-fits-all approach does not work at all. You should approach each customer as an individual instead of as the other customer of the group. When you receive any message, your answer should be as relevant as possible to that specific person.

Some companies make a fixed format and keep sending into all of their customers to save time in case the same query pops up on and on, but they often fail to realise that every individual is different. They do not want a simple answer, but they want a personalised solution.

Likewise, when you pitch clients to buy your product or service, your approach should be personal to create a bond between you and them. If you try to be transactional, they will feel as if you are foisting on your product or service without paying heed to what they want.

Nobody likes a salesperson, so do not need to babble about your offerings. Instead, you should know about their needs to provide them with the right solution.

Try to meet your customers’ expectations

Your business will never survive if you do not meet your customers’ expectations. Taking feedback and providing a personalised solution is not enough to ensure your business success in the long run.

Even a simple step sometimes can help you go a long way. Once your customers have found engagement in your brand, you should try to keep it to that level. Apart from introducing new offers on social media, you should tank your customers.

  • Try to do something unique that makes them feel you care about them.
  • Follow your customers on social media to get an idea of what they want.
  • Make things easier for your customers.
  • Make them believe that your priority is to solve their problems.

Keep them in the loop

Do not forget to update your customers if you introduce a change in your policy or a product or service. Whether it is an upcoming promotion, special offer or a blog, your customers must be up on all the time.

It can be very challenging to make sure that every customer knows your upcoming plans. Therefore, you should use emails, newsletters, push notifications and update social media channels.

As long as your customers are updated what new things you are about to introduce, it makes them feel that you value them.

Build a relationship

The success of any business depends upon how likely you understand the concerns of your customers and how quickly you offer them a solution. Sales figures are not everything, but how successfully you build a relationship with customers matters a lot.
Be kind to your customers. Giving is the only way to establish a long-term relationship with your customers. It is more essential when you have a start-up. High sales can help you quickly meet all your expenses, including debts like unemployed loans with no guarantor, but it does not ensure long-term success.

No business can survive without customers. You must build a connection with them. It becomes possible only when they find engagement in your business.


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