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How to Add Protein in Your Diet if You are Vegan


As a vegan, it is always a difficult task to get hold of good sources of proteins, at least harder than a vegetarian. It is a true notion that many vegans consider that it is the hardest part of their vegan lifestyle. With the vegan lifestyle getting popular and more and more people around us turning vegan, it is important that you also know the correct protein sources, so that you never run into its deficiency and get all the nutrients that you need for healthy living.

How to Add Protein in Your Diet if You are Vegan

Vegans are the ones who do not eat meat and or any other animal by product like dairy and eggs. As per best dietitian in Delhi, the problem lies with vegans is that there are enough protein sources available for them to get enough protein, but most of these sources ae not complete proteins. The human body requires a variety of amino acids to function optimally, and for that you need to be consuming complete proteins. Most of the options out there are mixed and incomplete.

She also quotes that it is OK to get the various amino acids from a variety of sources, spread throughout the day. It is ideal to get them all together, but if you are getting them, your body will get what and how much it needs. And, for this you need to make the right food choices that includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and lentils.

The best dietitian in Gujarat quotes that protein is the second most essential nutrient after water that our body needs to thrive and contributor to body weight. Protein is almost everywhere in our body – skin, hair, nails, glands, tendons and muscles. It is a must that 10% of our daily calorie need should come from protein sources and to get all the essential 20 amino acids that our body needs, a variety of proteins are needed to be consumed.

With consultation with the best dietitian in India, here are the most popular food sources that apart from being delicious are the best protein sources for vegans:

• Soy and soy products

Tofu, tempeh, edamame and even soy is a great way to add quality protein into your diet. Soybean is one plant source that is considered to a complete source pf protein. Which simply means that you get all the essential amino acids the body needs. Apart from proteins, soy and soy products provides enough iron and calcium too. All of them can be used in a variety of recipes and makes a perfect protein source for vegans.

• Beans (most varieties) and chickpeas

Most of the beans – kidney, pinto, black and others contains good amount of protein per serving. Even chickpeas also known as garbanzo beans along other legumes are rich sources of proteins. More than that a diet that is rich in such kind of proteins helps control blood pressure, cholesterol levels and even helps in weight reduction.

Apart from being good sources of proteins, beans are an excellent resource for iron, folate, potassium, phosphate, manganese and several other micronutrients and plant-based compounds that supports utmost health.

• Green Peas

A cup of these little green pearls provides more proteins than a cup of milk. Often used as a side dish, could easily be made int a main dish for vegans. Apart from being a rich natural source of plant protein, green peas are blessed with the goodness of fibers, vitamin A, C and K, magnesium, iron, copper and several other macronutrients.

So, the next time you go shopping for your veggies, make sure that you load your bag with green peas.

• Oatmeal and Oats

Although the protein in oats and oatmeal is not a complete source of protein, yet its protein in better and richer than normal grains like rice and wheat. Being a favourite breakfast item, oats can be used in a variety of ways to make out a delicacy in every meal of yours. As vegans, you will be enriched with the goodness or high quality fibers, zinc, phosphorous and folate apart from proteins in oats.

• Chia seeds

Apart from being a good source of protein, these tiny seeds contain a good amount of iron, calcium, selenium and magnesium, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and various other beneficial plant compounds.
As chia seeds can absorb water, they can be used in various forms like gels and even paste and powders. This makes them easy to be used in a variety of recipes including smoothies and desserts. They are also tasteless.

• Fruits and vegetables

No matter what you choose, all fruits and vegetables have smaller amounts of good quality proteins. Some may contain more than others, veggies like broccoli, artichokes, asparagus, Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes and spinach have the most.

Fruits in comparison to vegetables contains lesser amount of protein, however, guava, blackberries, bananas and mulberries have a bit more than others.

Even with the various sources of vegan protein out there, many vegans really struggle to create a truly healthy diet. Deficiency of protein is quite normal in most vegans and vegetarians. With the list above discover vegan protein sources to meet your daily requirements. Put your concerns to rest by eating the best vegan sources of protein and reach your best levels of health.


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