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How Should Students Do Time Management During Corona Lockdown


We have entered in the third week of country-wide lockdown and are now completely in sync with our work-from-home schedule. But what about the little generation, who is so used-to of going to the school and meeting their friends and teachers? This lockdown and global pandemic have brought in a drastic shift to their schedule and life.

How Should Students Do Time Management During Corona Lockdown

Schools, colleges and universities are trying their level best to fight against this and keep the children engaged and syllabus going. The question arises as to how to manage their routine and time to ensure maximum productivity throughout the day. Some tips are stated below in order to help all achieve decent time management.

• Keep the child updated: Learn to engage the child in healthy conversations amongst the family members. Never underestimate their young minds to understand the gravity of any situation. They are blessed to have a perspective which might be beyond our comprehension some times.

• Learn a new skill: Encourage them and yourself to have time to learn a new skill. This is the perfect time to teach children different activities and understand their interests. Every child is blessed with a talent, which somewhere gets lost in the hustle and bustle of school life and studies. Utilise these days to have your child spent a lot of time in finding and learning new hobbies.

• Focus on following a routine: No regular class don’t mean that the child can sleep till late and have no routine. A routine brings in discipline in a child’s life and teaches them the importance of various activities of daily life. Make a table/chart to be followed every day by the child. Add various interesting activities in it for your little one to look forward to. You can also add a fixed slot for their eating and sleeping as well.

• Build Connections: Have lots of video calls, phone calls etc to make up for the lost time and connections with family, relatives and friends. Take this time as an opportunity for the family to bond well. The child will also learn the importance of our Indian culture and various relationships.

These points are majorly cited, keeping in mind the current situation of covid19. Time Management skills help children to prioritise tasks, plan ahead, set aside the time for what they like and make better use of their time.

Some benefits of time management in students are:

  • They become more Organised
  • They become more Confident
  • They learn more effectively
  • They efficiently eliminate distractions

Apart from the kids, parents can also utilise this time to search for some good schools for their children. The education is no simpler for anyone. It requires a lot of attributes, progressive approach, holistic outlook and extra-curricular exposure for the child to have a promising future in the challenging world ahead.

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