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How Infographics Can Optimize the SEO for Your Business


The majority of end-users use search engines in finding products and services that they need online. We know that the key to keeping our business going is not only to let people know of our existence but also to find us on different platforms. We want the search engines to find our page so that those people who are searching via these platforms can also find us. And SEO can make this happen.

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a critical role in the success of any online business. Well executed SEO can make our business page, website, and content highly visible on the search results pages. Better visibility means higher chances of getting more traffic. The more traffic is driven towards our page, the more opportunities we have to convert prospects and site visitors into paying customers.

How Infographics Can Optimize the SEO for Your Business

But SEO is not just a piece of cake. It is a multi-faceted online marketing effort that requires a thought-out strategy. It can be time-consuming, and it may take weeks or even months to see the results of your effort. The good thing about SEO, though, is that it usually offers long term results and are more affordable than quicker digital marketing strategies.

This is why digital marketers and businesses alike, do all sorts of SEO strategies to ensure that their page ranks high on relevant searches. And one of the most important parts of any SEO campaign is content creation.

Content creation is critical to SEO and other digital marketing strategies. But with over a billion different types of content uploaded and circulated online every single day, it can be quite tricky to get your content noticed. The key here is to create content that will stand out among the rest. The challenge now is how can you make your content different from the rest to make it possible for your target audience online to find them. This is where the infographic comes in.

Infographics and SEO

Years ago, an infographic is considered the best form of content for SEO purposes. And even with the new different content strategies used by digital marketing professionals nowadays, infographic still serves the same purpose and offers the same benefits. Here are a few ways infographics can help optimize the SEO for your business.

• Infographics are visually appealing

Humans, in general, are visual beings. Approximately 90% of the information processed by the mind is visual in nature. The mind tends to remember and process images more than text content, too. And since your target audience is humans, you can make use of the visual elements in infographics to catch their attention and interests.

Infographics are essentially an image with a twist. It is a combination of image, text, and other visual elements. An infographic may include different visual elements like charts, stylized fonts, graphs, and pictures. It allows you to package what you want to tell your audience and what your audience want to know at a single content in a catchier way.

• Infographics are highly comprehensible

Rather than reading a whole blog post, people nowadays just simply scan over pages to find the information they are looking for. With this behavior, it can be challenging to capture your audience’s interest just by using mere text content or even with a stand-alone image. Infographics, however, can make it possible.

Aside from being visually captivating, an infographic is also more easily comprehensible than a blog post. It allows your target audience to understand the message that the infographic wants to relay in just a few seconds or minutes. Even the complex concepts can become easily comprehensible with an infographic.

• Infographics can help you rank high on Google

The new Google algorithm allows infographic content to rank not only in general text results page but also in image search results. This means you can easily get visible in both search results in relevant keywords. Google ranks infographics and images by considering different factors like the freshness of the content, relevancy, and page authority.

Infographics can help you rank high on Google

• Infographics can help boost your page traffic

Google also rewards pages with a high rate of happy user experience. The more satisfying and engaging your infographic is, the more generic traffic it will drive to your page.

• Infographics are a great tool for link building

Infographics can easily be shared via different platforms including through social media networks. If an infographic is interesting, well-crafted, and solidly made, people will likely share and reblog it and then give you the credit. This can mean free promotion, link-building, and exposure for your page.

• Infographics are versatile

The versatility of infographic allows you to use them in different content pieces. You can add them as an image to your blog post, as a microcontent for social media marketing, in e-books, or as stand-alone content, to name a few.

Infographics are a very powerful online communication and marketing tool that allows you to connect with your audience and at the same time help boost your SEO. They can effectively represent your message in a visually pleasing and efficient manner. Infographics can also help sustain your target audience’s attention and interest. They can also deliver lasting, long-term benefits for your business SEO. However, to be effective, they have to be well-crafted, engaging, relevant, and catchy. Do not just focus on what you want to say, but also on what your target audience wants to know.


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