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How Expensive is Astrology?


Astrology refers to the study of the planets and their movements and the impact they have on the lives of people. The astrologers possess the wisdom of deciphering the stars and predict the future of an individual.

How expensive is astrology

Astrology is not an easy practice although it has faced criticism at the hands of those who do not understand the effectiveness of the subject. It takes a lot of time to study the planetary movements and apply it to the past, present and future occurrences of a person’s life.

Many people complain about the high fees of an astrologer in Mumbai. They come here to fulfill their dreams and this is the reason why it is called ‘the city of dreams’. It is quite an expensive city compared to other cities of India. But when we are able enough to find money for late-night parties and luxurious dine-outs, then what harm is there to spend some money for the betterment of our future?

People think that astrology is a bogus practice that is neither effective nor authentic. This opinion has been populated by those critics who have little or no knowledge of this sacred science. Astrology is a highly efficient practice that can actually help people deal with the intense amount of stress that comes along with their fat income.

What exactly does an astrologer predicts?

There is an ancient saying – “Everything comes at a cost.” This is also held true when it comes to the practice of astrology. People are satisfied with the regular statements of the fake astrologers who claim to change their future.

One of the basic things that a person should know about astrology is that it cannot tell you about the particulars of your life. There is no power that can change what is written in your fate by the Almighty God.

The best astrologer in Mumbai can only warn you about the impending disaster in order to make you aware of the upcoming events. Using these warnings, you may reconsider the decisions you make and then it would be your karma that would alter your destiny.

Do you think that it is so easy to tell about the past, present, and future of an individual without looking into the tiny details of their life? No, it is not and that is the reason that the authentic astrologers would always charge a certain amount of money for their consultation because they know that their words would make or break an individual and have a deep and lasting impact on their lives.

Why is astrology so important?

One must know that it takes years of studies and practice to become a professional astrologer. By using the research and the personal experience one acquires in this field, does the astrologer becomes efficient enough to deal with the problems of others.

If a person would be asked to look at their own birth chart, they won’t be able to make any sense of the figures drawn or decipher any meaning out of it. The untrained person cannot look beyond the drawings and reach the pool of knowledge where lies the hidden secrets of astrology.

But a trained astrologer can easily grasp the functioning of the horoscope chart with a single glance. Always remember that the training of the astrologer would be inversely proportional to the amount of time he/she takes to understand the complications of a birth chart.

The fake astrologers with a limited knowledge of astrology would look at your chart and tell you about the basics of your life. But they would not know about the intricate patterns of your birth chart and therefore, you would only get to know the “what” of your life. In order to know the “why” of your life, you need the immense knowledge of the best astrologers in India and that would be a costly affair.

Therefore, we may conclude that astrology is a science that is highly effective and may prove beneficial in the welfare of people. The astrologer in Mumbai provide genuine advice and help to people so that they may deal with their problems. And if the solutions they provide and the predictions they make are useful to you in any manner, then rest assured that your hard-earned money has not been wasted.

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