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How eMojis Can Help you Take your Chatbot to the Next Level


If you are the one who keeps himself updated with the tech trends, chatbots are no new name for you. However, for many of those guys next door, it still is a novelty.

The beginning of a new era

It’s been less than a decade that Bots entered our world, and undoubtedly they are replacing the traditional chatting mobile apps. In a layman’s language, chatbots are artificial intelligent tech innovation that can interact with you just like humans.
The innovation itself is beginning of a new era, but as we all know that the ‘tech savvies’ are always looking ahead to treat the users with something new.

How eMojis Can Help you Take your Chatbot to the Next Level

Envisioning the chatbots

Without playing with the words, let us come directly to the point. We are here talking about the use of eMojis in chatbots. Sounds new? Wait!!

If you can recall, somewhere in November 2015 for the first time Slack used eMojis in its Bot to make the interaction more engaging. Soon after this in February 2016 Facebook too adapted the same, and this eventually turned to be a beginning of the future of eMojis and chatbots.

The question here arises is why these big names are incorporating emojis in their chatbot development? Why emojis have become so significant for the success of your chatbots. Let’s have a look at its history.

Emojis were earlier called emoticons which were used in the chatrooms of 1990s as :-), :-(, 8-), and many more. In 1999, a Japanese artist named Shigetaka Kurita created the world’s first emojis. Since then they have had an upward journey.

Emojis have become an integral part of all our lives as we often used it while texting through various apps. However, now the emojis are finding its way in chatbots too. Many companies use emojis to render better customer experience. Many big names have started using emojis like CNN, 1-800 Flowers, Taco Bell, and Eggplant etc.

But is this really worth the entire attention?

To excavate a precise answer to this question, we need to find out the ways in which using eMojis make the chatbot interaction more interactive. Let’s find:

Interactive: Integrating eMojis in chatbot makes them more interactive from the user’s perspective. We can’t deny the fact that since their very introduction, eMojis have become an invincible part of online interaction. Saying that they have replaced text messages largely won’t be wrong. Using eMojis in chatbot will undoubtedly make the conversation more interactive and non-robotic.

User-friendly: The conversation gets user-friendly when your bot is accompanied by eMojis. Not only they cover less space, but a small smiley or wink can add to the blend of fun. While using sorry or sad eMojis can help express the sympathy or feeling awful (if customer faced any problem).

Eventually the same can help you gain the love and trust of the customer by making them feel comfortable through the conversation.

Personalized experience: Once the chatbot begins the communication by using eMojis, it’ll give the customers a touch of personalized experience. They won’t be considering the bot as an ‘artificially intelligent’ technological chat support but will take it as an executive with flesh and blood sitting on the other side for assistance.

Entity building: With the above mentioned three benefits being rightly delivered, you’ll definitely be increasing your market goodwill. This will help you stand ahead of your competitors and will keep the user retention rate at high. Subsequently, you’ll have a better market stand which will help you enhance the productivity of your business.

Being envisioneer: The amalgamation of eMojis and chatbots is still in its beginning phase. If you turn to be the one using this, you are marking your presence as an envisioneer. You have made your way towards the future of chatbot App Development. This will help you in sustaining through the future tech storms.


While Chatbots have made an impeccable space in the organizations, eMojis have become an invincible chat tool. Using the two together will undoubtedly help your organization build a better bond with the customers. All you need to do is hire an app developer today and talk about your chatbot requirements.

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