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How Does Online Shopping Influence Packaging Design?


Online businesses have been in a constant state of change over the past decade. We get to see many innovative methods of online shopping. Internet shopping is at an all-time high with more people than ever clicking on “Add to Cart.” Small business needs to take every opportunity to remove bottlenecks and make themselves stand out in a busy world.

That brings us to the topic at hand. Does online shopping influence packaging design? The answer is most definitely yes! Branding Agencies in San Francisco have started to notice that products packaged with brand in mind are going to see higher sales. So many online businesses get everything else right, but they completely forget about or ignore packaging design altogether. This blog post will explore this important topic in more detail.

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Think about it for a moment. When a customer gets the final product in the mail, they are seeing the packaging first. It caps off their experience with your product and ends up making that last impression. If you want to maintain loyal customers, then their entire buying journey must be amazing. Packaging is part of the buying journey. With that said, let’s look at some of the ways that packaging influences online shopping.

Important Statistics that Prove Online Shopping Influences Packaging Design

There are three critical metrics that express this connection.

  • 52% of online customers have stated that they will make future purchases from a brand that includes premium packaging.
  • Consumers are 40% more likely to share pictures of a new product they received if the packaging is impressive.
  • 74% of buyers use the information on social media to make purchase decisions.

The second and third points are linked, showing us that packaging leads to more shares on social media, thus leading to more sales.

Packaging Pushes a Brand’s Positioning Higher

Brands are always on the lookout for ways to create a loyal base of customers who keep coming back for more. Packaging helps to build this long-term loyalty, but it’s your job to determine what type of message you want to send. Creating entire lines of products or services that use the same packaging design fuels this loyalty even further.

This is an essential factor since there are so many different products and services available. Packaging is one of the ways that brands can separate themselves from other similar products. This provides a significant competitive edge that small businesses can use to stand out in a crowd.

Packaging Exhibits Quality

Quality is always a big discussion point when it comes to online shopping. However, business owners have to understand that consumers based this mostly on perceived quality. If the product is shipped using a cheap package, then the perceived quality is going to be lower. Therefore, their first impression is going to be that the product is low quality, and we all know that first impressions are usually the ones that stick.

We need to create packaging that enhances the perceived value of our products so that consumers are given a good first impression. In short, it converts single time buyers into loyal customers.

Packaging Colors Resonate with Customers

The use of color and the style of design is how you target a specific audience. We see this every time we’re in the supermarket. Next time you’re shopping, pay close attention to the styles used for certain products and how they are screaming to a specific audience. Children’s products are usually bright and colorful. Security products are primarily blue and professional.

This same concept should be transitioned into the online world. Design packaging as if you were placing the item in a physical location. Use a style that resonates with your target market.

Packaging Creates a Perceived Value

Though this was touched upon a little earlier, let us dive deeper into this vital topic. Everything has a perceived value based on several different factors including brand recognition, popularity, and packaging. In the supermarket, “brand names” have a higher perceived value because of brand recognition and their packaging. The goal is to use this same philosophy with all your products and services. Package them up nicely and market them in a way that sells them as a brand.

When a customer receives your product in the mail, you want them to open it and say to themselves, “This looks amazing!” You want their excitement to peak immediately! In that instant, the perceived value of the product has already been enhanced.

Using Stickers to Improve Visual Appeal

When possible, use stickers as a custom packaging tool. For instance, rather than using plain seals, use stickers to add a bit of flair to the packaging. It increases the appeal and will enhance the overall perceived value. Just make sure that these stickers are branded in some fashion so that you are creating brand recognition. You’d be surprised how far a simple sticker will go in creating visual appeal.

Include Inserts

Inserts are another affordable method of building brand recognition through packaging. It also creates a higher perceived value and will foster loyalty. Furthermore, it provides customers with an easy way to spread the word about your brand. They can give an insert to their friends and family.

Another more personalized approach for small businesses is to include a business card with a short-handwritten message. This is more personable and will impress customers. Plus, it’s something that most large brands cannot do so it is a way to separate your brand from the competition.


Packaging design is a way that brands can stay consistent and set themselves apart from the competition. It contributes to the overall experience created by a brand and can significantly enhance the perceived value of future products and services. In business, the number one method of creating value is through packaging. Every big business uses this approach, and you can see this in full effect every time you’re in the supermarket.
If you don’t know where to start, consider using packaging design services to help you develop a memorable experience for customers.

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