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How Can Effective Risk Control Help Improve Efficiency and Drive Growth


In today’s fast-changing and disruptive business environment, risk is a pervasive aspect. Businesses of all sizes and complexities are persistently being impacted by ever-evolving change – economic, financial, technological, political, environmental and social. And as “change is the only constant”, one has to embrace it to stay afloat and achieve growth. But with change comes potential risks – some you can foresee and plan for and some you cannot predict.

In this scenario, effective risk control becomes imperative for organisations to protect their interests and generate business value. Hiring professional risk advisory services can aid in building a better business, that is based on leveraging opportunities and addressing critical industry issues. Predicting and mitigating potential risk scenarios can help protect, optimise and grow your business.

How Can Effective Risk Control Help Improve Efficiency and Drive Growth

As your organisation grows and unravels diverse business opportunities, make sure you take measured steps to control the risks that follow. To guide you with this, you need a dedicated team that provides more than just risk advisory know-how. It is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of your business, processes, culture and objectives. This helps in developing and advising various risk-control solutions to generate lucrative opportunities, minimise costs and add long-term value to your business.

The confidence comes from professional risk advisory services…

With investors, regulators and customers giving more importance to corporate governance nowadays, it has become imperative for organisations to fine-tune and streamline their processes. Furthermore, they are constantly witnessing operational digitisation, resulting in a remarkable increase of databases across diverse business functions. Amid this unsettling scenario, organisations are constantly turning to professional auditors for assurance on their system robustness as well as for effective risk control.

When you hire business risk or tax advisory services, you will have an experienced team harnessing robust processes, leveraging information technology, setting up optimal internal controls, and achieving significant performance improvements. Taking into consideration the challenges your business experiences in the face of Big Data, they will integrate data analytics into the internal audit process to achieve increased assurance, efficiency and value.

The risk advisory professionals are progressive thinkers who come from diverse industries. This ensures they follow best practices and have business insights to mitigate risks, grow your company and improve efficiency. With better risk control and long-term business value, you can move forward with more confidence.

What you can expect?

So how do professional risk advisory services help your business control risks and harness the opportunities to the fullest? Let’s have a look at what you can expect working with experienced risk mitigation advisors:

  • Identify the risks that your business faces now, and the ones that you may experience in the future
  • Build a strategic and comprehensive approach towards effective risk management – analysis, control and governance
  • Track, assess and report on potential risks that might help generate key business decisions
  • Address risk concerns in a proactive manner that is appropriate for your business
  • Use advanced tools and technologies that can safeguard and add value to your organisation

The advisors will work with you to co-create innovative risk management solutions that will work towards improving efficiency and accelerating your performance. Together, you can achieve long-term profitable results, right from strategy planning to executing, monitoring and analysing.

Hire expert risk advisory services today

Keeping in view your unique business complexity and requirements, risk advisors can offer a gamut of services that include:

1. Internal audit and risk control: Make internal audit an integral component of your organisation. Advisors help conduct quality assurance checks to evaluate the effectiveness of your internal audit function, provide you with a risk assessment and supplement your resources. They can also offer an outsourced solution for your internal audit, including planning, execution, reporting and tracking.

2. Corporate governance: Corporate governance is a combination of processes, mechanisms and rules that define how businesses are regulated, operated and controlled. Considering the importance of corporate governance to an organisation, risk advisors help you adhere to the strict guidelines, improve operational efficiency and control risks. Enterprise risk management is one of the key services you get, while they also ensure your business is clause-49 ready. Specialist risk mitigation consultants also offer CxO advisory solutions to ensure the highest standards of governance.

3. Standard operating procedures: It is a vital aspect of effective risk control, and expert advisors ensure all your standard operating procedures are in order. Right from SOP development and validation to building authority level matrix, they can guide you in clearly stating and improving your operations.

4. Forensic and investigation: Professional risk advisory services are designed to ensure the highest level of protection against potential threats. The forensic and investigation advisory services include anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and bribery, corporate intelligence, fraud risk management, asset tracing, whistle-blower guidance, IBC compliance, and implementing forensic digital technology methodologies.

5. SOX/IFC compliance: Hire experts to ensure your business complies with key SOX/IFC guidelines. The advisors can aid in design and documentation, SOX/IFC programme management, and risk control analysis.

6. Performance improvement: One of the key aspects of effective risk management is business performance enhancement. Experienced risk advisors not only assist in improving your performance but also aid in optimising your working capital and enhancing the supply chain.

7. Data protection and cyber security: Technology poses a serious threat to your business and therefore, it should be your utmost priority. Risk advisors will work towards delivering higher cyber security, increased data privacy, and improved resilience towards technology dependency.

In conclusion

With business processes becoming increasingly technology-driven and strict regulatory compliances in place, managing potential risks have become the biggest concerns for organisations today. However, enlisting dedicated risk advisory services can help manage diverse risk scenarios, achieve system robustness assurance, improve operational efficiency, and create business value.

Make sure you choose a risk advisory firm that has years of experience and domain specialisation. Get practical and realistic recommendations that are relevant to your business structure and requirements. More importantly, they should be able to provide holistic risk assessment and control services with a focus on performance improvement, minimising cost and delivering value.

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