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Helping Your Children with Their Homework


Helping children with homework is something that many parents dread. Let’s face it, we’ve all got strengths and weaknesses when it comes to academia, and there might be subjects, such as maths, that you know you aren’t going to be much help with.

Helping Your Children with Their Homework

Nowadays, even elementary school students bring homework home, and because teaching methods, processes, and even knowledge have evolved, a younger child’s work might not be as easy as you hope. If your kids have started to ask for help, here are some useful tips.

Make Sure They’ve Got What They Need

Ask yourself what your children need to do their homework. You might want to look at the best elementary students computers and add a spacious desk to their rooms, equipping it with pens, pencils, craft supplies, and paper. If possible, you should at least create a quiet and comfortable study zone where they can concentrate without interruption.

Don’t Do it For Them

If your children are struggling with their work, you might be tempted to do it for them to help them get good grades. Or you might find that instead of helping, you are guiding them to the right answers.

Instead, try to help them to understand the answers, and give them the support and extra knowledge that they need to reach the right conclusions. Remember, you need to help them in a way that means they can do this work on their own later, either in class or in exams. Doing it for them might ease upset now, but it won’t help them in the long run.

Let Them Teach You

Schooling changes, often a lot in a fairly short space of time. How you worked out long equations at school might not be the same way your 8-year-old is being taught to do it now.

Don’t force them to do it your way. This won’t help them in class and will just add confusion. Ask them to teach you what they do in school, and if you are struggling, don’t be scared to ask their teacher.

Set Aside a Little Time Each Day

Setting aside a little time every day to help them with their homework is a great habit to get into. If they don’t have homework or don’t need your help, use this time to talk about school or to read together. Try to find a time when you are both well-fed, but not too tired, and unlikely to be distracted, and leave your phone in another room.

Use the Resources and Tools Available

Your child might bring resources back from school to help with homework. This could include things like a homework diary, reading log, and schoolbooks. Use them as much as you can. Their teachers might also send links, videos, and other useful resources that you could share with your child.

Remember, one of the best resources available is your child’s teacher. If you are worried that they need more support than you can offer, or that they are struggling, get in touch as soon as you can. Often, working with the teachers is the best way to help your children to do well at school.


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