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Guidelines from Experts for Heavy Haul Shipping


Heavy haul shipping is different from other types of freight. Heavy equipment will cost more. Additionally, it also comes with several other shipping challenges. Getting in touch with a premier shipping company for your shipment needs will ensure safety and efficiency.

Guidelines from Experts for Heavy Haul Shipping

What’s involved in the Process?

This depends on the type of heavy machine(s) you wish to ship. Other factors include location (start and end). A shipping company efficiently can handle site pickup and delivery. In some cases, they will disassemble in a fashion to fit into conventional containers (usually an affordable option).

Preparation of machine is crucial to avoid unnecessary rejection of machinery or additional expenses.

Here are some guidelines from experts to ensure efficient heavy equipment shipping:

1. Choose your Destination

It should come as no surprise that distance is going to play a significant role in both your shipping cost and method. Here is a detailed look at some variables that you will be faced with if shipping heavy equipment.

2. Short Distances

In case, you are shipping heavy machinery across the city or some short distances, you may require a flat-bed truck. Here, you must know the exact cost of the hauler. You should also know whether you can handle the proposed weight and sizes of your freight.

3. Oversized Loads

In some situations, oversized equipment may require being shipping from one point to final destination. Apart from a flat-bed truck, you may require proper travel permits. It is also important to check some road restrictions for oversized loads.

4. Long Distances

When shipping heavy machinery or equipment over longer distances or overseas, you must take into consideration various shipping methods. The carriers should be checked thoroughly to make sure they ship the load safely and accommodate the size and weight you wish to ship. Some of the factors you need to take into account for shipping to long distances include the following:

  • Relevant paperwork
  • Customs papers
  • Other relevant documents
  • A flat or custom pallet if the shipment needs to be secured to it
  • Valid insurance plan for covering damage or loss
  • Surveyor for assessing complete value and supervising shipping process

5. Be Organized

Once you know you will be shipping heavy equipment, make sure you focus on certain key areas of preparation. This needs to be done before the flat bed appears at your shipping bay. Some of the pre-shipment preparation includes the following:
You should preparing necessary paperwork

  • Acquire permits
  • Prepare requisite documentation
  • Confirm details with the shipping company
  • Remove detachable parts
  • Securing all detachable parts
  • Disconnect batteries
  • Drain fluids

It is important that you clean all equipment thoroughly and conduct a proper safety check. Make sure everything is in proper working order.

6. Choose the Right Professionals

This is where most people go wrong. Not choosing the right shipping company can cost you a lot in the long run. Start by researching on the best heavy haul shipping companies online. You should also check for references from your known ones. Get some quotes from reputed companies and compare them based on your shipping requirements. Speak to the team and know if they can carry out your project the way you want to. Do not ignore going through reviews and testimonials from past customers.

Final Thoughts

The above listed tips by the experts will help you to prepare yourself better for the next time you ship a heavy machinery or equipment. Hiring an experienced shipping company is an important step towards successful heavy haul shipping.

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