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Get the Tyres That Your SUV Deserves


SUV, which stands for Sport Utility Vehicle has been one of the classic staple types of family cars. Highly regarded through their passenger capacity and off-road capabilities, owning an SUV is a much more affordable and smart choice amongst many people nowadays.

Get the Tyres That Your SUV Deserves

A Short Background History of SUVs

The emergence of SUVs can be traced back to early low-volume models of military vehicles in the late 1930s. The 1984 Jeep Cherokee is known to be the very first SUV in the modern style. Ever since them, SUVs have become one of the most popular motor vehicles that are highly ideal for long-distance travels such as road trips. In fact, over 36% of the world’s passenger car sales can be amounted for those who purchased SUVs in the year 2017.

The use of SUVs has also grown to the point that it’s hard to imagine staring on a road without one passing every minute or so.

Have you ever wondered as to why these cars are such a mainstream choice amongst future car owners?

Advantages of Owning an SUV

SUVs possess several advantages that makes it stand on top of most commercial car models today. These are the following:

• SUVs are made from a sturdy frame – Most cars are built on a smaller platform or chassis, which is not as sturdy or durable compared to what SUVs have. This characteristic easily puts SUVs on the list of strongest and most durable vehicles up to date.

• SUVs provide more passenger capacity and comfort – Arguably considered to be a defining factor for SUVs, increased passenger capacity is what makes these vehicles a classic choice. Since it is equipped with a stronger chassis, it can carry the weight of over eight to nine people at once.

• SUVs are safer than most cars – The sheer size and strong chassis of SUVs allows them to receive strong impacts from potential collision which limits the chances of inflicting harm on part of its passengers.

• SUVs have more cargo space – In addition to increased passenger capacity, SUVs can also offer more cargo space. Perfect for storing large gears like tent and other stuff that you find it necessary to bring while driving.

• SUVs can be used for off-road driving – Regardless of how stubborn the terrain of the road could be, the SUV can handle it fine like other off-road cars. Many models of SUVs are designed to survive lots of challenging road condition, though it shall not be considered as a hardcore off-road vehicle.

The Best Tyres for SUVs

Many SUV owners find it difficult to find the most suitable tyres for their vehicles. Selecting the best tyres is crucial because it could further optimize the capabilities of your SUV, especially when you maneuver it through tough weather conditions.

Your SUV is a big vehicle that you probably purchased due to its looks and its performance. To ensure that you maximize the output and the safety that you were looking for you will need to equip it with high quality tyres. Without proper tyres, your SUV will not be as safe as it is supposed to be. The control and stability will be worse and depending on the weather, it can be dangerous to drive if you have the wrong tyres. People sometimes mistake the bigger more rugged looking tyres as being safe regardless of what conditions that you will encounter. SUVs are heavier than normal cars, so it puts more pressure on the tyres, which means you will need special tyres for an SUV.

SUV summer tyres will be different than summer tyres for a normal passenger car. Tyre rotation becomes more important here, if you change between summer and winter tyres, it might be enough to change position during this time, but it depends on how much you drive. When you measure the tread depth, keep track of the wear and if the difference becomes significant, rotate the tyres. When you have a difference that is some 2-3 mm, then it is time to rotate by placing the front tyres in the rear position and vice versa.

It is important to realize that the SUVs need special winter tyres if you will drive in winter conditions. The rugged tyres will become hard if they are not made from a rubber compound that is designed for cold weather conditions. Hard tyres can’t provide the grip and traction that you will need during winter conditions, especially if you will face ice and snow. Here you will need proper SUV all-weather tyres that are winter approved, or then proper SUV winter tyres. With the right tyres on your SUV, the performance of it will improve.

Tyre maintenance is just as important for an SUV as for any car. This might be even more important if you also drive some off-road with it. If you invest in proper tyres that are good for off-road use, then the sidewalls tend to be reinforced, so you have more protection. This protects the tyres from punctures due to sharp rocks and other objects, but also within the cities it protects you from curbs. During tyre maintenance, check your tyres to see if there are any cuts or cracks visible on the tyres, if you see some abnormalities it is advisable to visit a tyre service station to have them evaluated.

Keeping Your Newly Bought SUV Tyres

• Take heed of your driving. Extending the life of your tyres lies in your way of how you operate your car. Keeping your driving as smooth as possible means lesser wearing for your tyres.

• Pay attention to where you drive. You also need to be aware of your surroundings especially the road surface. Your SUV can be excellent in handling roads with uneven surface, but it can sustain small damages over time which could slowly kill the durability of your tyres

• Keep your wheels inflated. A properly inflated tyres can avoid creating excess heat that can result in blowouts, making them more susceptible from getting punctured.

• Have your tyres aligned. Unaligned wheels usually lead to the quick wearing of your tire treads. Make sure that you get them aligned regularly.

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