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Future of Digital Marketing and Advertising


What will be the coming times of this highly demandable profession? Here, in this article we are going to discuss the future of digital marketing. Digital marketing is one of the highest-paid job profiles. Digital Marketing is a very powerful way of marketing.

Digital Marketing

Nowadays most of the people are using online platforms to promote their products or services. In a recent survey it has been seen that India is in the second position in the list of most internet users.

Future of Digital Marketing in the 2020 Year

Digital marketing is becoming the fastest growing industry, one of the main reasons is “ internet usage”. As you know India is the second most populated country in the world after China, it’s more than 500 billion (by June 2018) of the population is using the internet on a daily basis and the users of the internet is increasing day by day.

Still many remote cities are not aware about digital marketing, online promoting & all but slowly its changing. Nowadays everyone has a mobile, right? Mobile is now becoming a basic need.

In Fact almost in every work we need the help of Google. If anyone has some query they search on Google first, lovely mothers to make their child happy they try new delicious recipes from youtube.

Our new generation can’t stay away from their smart devices,they check their smart devices every 10 minutes. So, as you can see, in each and every step we need the internet. Now you can imagine the future of digital marketing in 2020 and it will be brighter & brighter in upcoming years for sure.

Why is it in demand?

Earlier people were promoting their services or products through traditional marketing but now people are choosing digital marketing or online marketing over traditional marketing.

Everyone is preferring digital marketing company in Udaipur over others. Even startup companies are also launching their business through digital marketing. Digital marketing reduces the physically hard work of people, now they don’t have to go door to door to promote their product or services.

Future of digital marketing in the coming years will be highly in demand. It’s expected that digital marketing will grow up to 24% by 2020.

Scope of Digital Marketing

The opportunity and the scope of digital marketing is beyond your expectation. Numerous career opportunities are there in this digital marketing field.

These are the few career paths:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert
  • Pay Per Click
  • Content Writer
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Blogger
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • E-mail Marketer
  • Digital Marketer Manager

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Expert

  • SEO experts are highly in demand because they are the one who help to get traffic on websites. They help to bring websites at the top of the popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • They make your website free from crawling issues, web and mobile friendly.
  • As an SEO expert you can expect an average salary – Rs. 2.5 lacs – 6 lacs(minimum). If you are a fresher you can expect 1.8 – 2 lacs(minimum).

Pay Per Click(ppc)

  • PPC stands for pay per click, is a form of internet advertising marketing. It helps to drive more traffic on websites.
  • PPC shows advertisements on a website, you have seen that whenever you crawl websites, in some of the websites some ads keep popping in the website.
  • In this advertiser have to pay some fixed amount to the website owner whenever one of their ads gets clicked. Social networks like Facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. have also adopted pay per click as their advertising models.
  • As a PPC specialist you can expect an average salary – Rs. 2.8lacs – 4lacs(minimum). Your salary will be based upon your knowledge, skills and experience.

Content Writer

If you love to write and you know how to write engaging content and how to touch the minds of others through your article then Content writing is the perfect job for you my friend.

  • Content writing means to write engaging content or articles for websites on the internet.
  • They have to provide relevant content for the websites and they’ll get paid.
  • Content writers get paid hourly or per word. Average salary of a content writer will be around 2.3lacs – 3 lacs(minimum).

Social Media Marketer

If I say that, you can earn money by just spending your time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, youtube, linked in etc. will you believe me? Yes, you read it right & I’m sure you won’t believe me.

  • The word social media marketing means promoting your products or services on social media platforms.
  • It’s an effective way to attract the audience towards your website to increase traffic on websites and to increase sales by using social media platforms .
  • Social media marketers can expect an average salary – Rs. 2.7lacs – 4lacs(minimum).

As you know everyone is engaged in their phone and almost everyone is active on social media platforms so it is a good way to target people through social media because social media users keep crawling in search of something new and if your post or ad provides something new and interesting then they will definitely visit your website. So, in this profession you can earn money just by posting on social media platforms.


Bloggers can also earn money through writing and posting blogs.

  • Blogs refer to online journals. Blog is like a personal website, where they record their personal day-to-day stories, photos, opinions etc.
  • It’s a platform where writers can share their opinions or views on an individual subject. Here posts(photos, videos, stories etc) are displayed in chronological order means in reverse order. The last post posted by the blogger will display at the first and so on.
  • As a blogger you can expect an average income of Rs.1.5 lacs – 2.5 lacs(minimum), income may vary because it depends on how much traffic you are getting on your website.

Affiliate Marketer

  • An affiliate marketers duty is to promote others’ products or services to increase their sales. If the sale of the company increases through your promotion, only then you’ll get paid otherwise not.
  • Affiliate marketing is kind of earning commission for marketing or promoting another person’s product or service. You’ll get commision on each sale.
  • As an affiliate marketer you can get a good earning package, somewhere around 5lacs – 8lacs(minimum).

Search Engine Marketing

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process through which a site ranks high on a relevant keywords in popular search engines.
  • SEO specialists do certain changes on a website, they may bring changes in website design or in contents, so that the site gets ranked high.

E-mail Marketer

  • Email marketing is a form of marketing any product or services through emails.
  • In other words email marketing refers to the promotion of any product or services by sending commercial messages through emails.
  • Email marketers can expect to earn something around 3lacs – 4.5lacs

Digital Marketing Manager

Marketing managers play an important role in enhancing brand awareness.

  • They are the one who manage all marketing campaigns that promote their services or products.
  • As a digital marketing manager one can easily earn 4 lacs – 4.5lacs(minimum) annually.

Digital Marketing in 2020

The above mentioned salary structure may vary, because Salary structure is totally based upon your skills, knowledge, experience and job location. It’s been expected that the scope of digital marketing in 2020 will be at its peak in upcoming years.

Digital marketing company in Udaipur already know that the dynamics of digital marketing changes everyday so each & every digital marketer has to be alert about the changing dynamics of Digital Marketing.


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