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Fundraising Ideas Schools Can Use


Though it may be summertime, yet some teachers and parents are thinking ahead about things to do, including a fundraiser. Here’s one occasion for which students, teachers and parents can get together and raise money for an excellent cause. It might be the right time to ask students for ideas to raise money for school. So, be open to ideas from all quarters as kids put on their thinking caps.

Fundraising Ideas Schools Can Use

Here are some school fundraising ideas you could use for your school fundraiser:


Baked Goods Sale

Have a one-day sale of all baked goods, contributed by students, parents and teachers. Kids and their parents or guests to the fair will be allowed to buy these baked items.

Dog Walk

Walking your dog can be great fun, so encourage students to bring their dogs to walk or their neighbors’’. The idea here is that while they walk a pre-determined distance, they will raise funds for the school. Of course, you needn’t restrict the pet to walk to dogs alone. You can bring along your cat or turtle or any other friendly four-legged creature.

Sell Gift Cards

Collaborate with a well-known greeting card company and sell their cards. From the sales, set aside a portion of your earnings for your school fundraising effort and the remaining can go to the card company.

Pancake Breakfast

Among all kinds of School fundraisers, this one’s a winner. During the school holidays, set aside one room where you will make and sell pancakes for breakfast to those present for a fixed price.

Quiz Time

All those present must form two teams who will participate in a quiz. Put together several questions either on a theme or randomly prepared and engage a Quiz Master who can take care of the show. Those who want to attend should pay a small fee to be in the audience.

Potluck Picnic

Why not have a community picnics? If you think it’s a great idea, you’ll need to start planning it early enough. Once you zero in on the perfect picnic spot, you can get the necessary permits to have your picnic here. Let all those present signs on a register and include all that they bring, say juices, fruit, etc.

Let your entire network know about this fundraising idea so that there’s a big turnout. You can make it fun and interesting by organizing contests, music shows and games so that everyone has something to do. How do you raise funds? By charging a small fee to join the picnic.

Sports Fundraising Ideas

Chess Tournament: A game of skill and strategy, chess is also a great fun game, so introducing it as a tournament game could be fun too. You can hold it in a covered space like a library or a covered patio and everyone pays to play.

Fitness Classes

Once summer is here, many people will want to get out and exercise. Why not take advantage of this and organize a fitness class where you teach a particular fitness activity like running, yoga or weightlifting.

You can have many such people teaching different disciplines so that the revenue streams are many and you reach out to as many people as possible. Choose a central location where you’re going to hold your activities. Inform the public through email or flyers. Charge a small fee to join the classes and hopefully, you’ll reach your financial target.

Teach a Game

You can organize this fundraiser at any time of the year. Here, anyone with expertise over a particular sport or game can offer to teach it to those who want to learn it. Of course, this comes at a small price. It can be a great incentive for those who’ve wanted to learn but haven’t had enough initiative.

Sell Sports Merchandise

Another way kids can raise funds is to sell sports merchandise associated with a particular sport like cricket or football. Print the logo of the team on certain products like T-shirts, mugs, bags or stickers and sell them at school fairs, online or at games.

Music Fundraising Ideas

Organize a Concert

Use all your resources and contacts to organize the sale of tickets to this show. Have a formal dinner and show night or have a completely informal musical evening, but price your tickets. Collect donations from friends and local sponsors and supporters before the show begins.

Karaoke Challenge

Everyone loves to sing and has a favorite song. So, here’s everyone’s big chance to show off their singing skills. Let everyone assemble in the auditorium or cafeteria and belt out their favorite songs. Those who want to hear their favorite songs should donate a small sum towards it.

Organize a Festival

Does your area boast of music groups and bands? If yes, you can join up with them and sell tickets jointly to a musical evening. You might like to host it at your school or a nearby venue. For the sake of variety, have at least five or six bands playing and perhaps you can have a daylong festival of music.

Increase your earnings by selling snacks and holding games for your audience to enjoy when they move away from a certain band.

Host a Summertime Dance Ballet Performance

Check out if there are any such dance performances fixed for the summer which your school can host. By selling tickets to the show, your fundraising efforts can be successful.


If the above ideas to raise money for school don’t grab you, why not consider this one? You could think about teaming up with a local drama company that doesn’t mind providing you with props, costumes, equipment and, most important of all, the venue too.

Photo Exhibition

Give your charity a theme and then ask contributors to send in photos that they have taken and that relate to your theme. At the opening of this photo exhibition, let attendees buy tickets. Later, you can auction the photos.


If you use any of the above-mentioned ideas for fundraising, your event is sure to be a hit.

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