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From Brain to Heart: Why Education is More Than Just a Career?


Do you ever wonder what actually education is? According to the majority of the world, education is merely for a ravishing career. People all across the world pursue education simply because they want to be able to land a high paying job at a great firm. However, if we really think about it, education is so much more than the stairway to a posh lifestyle.

While there is no doubt that education does help a person to have a great career and a well-settled lifestyle, there still are a lot of more things attached with education. Uneducated people have to suffer a lot in getting good jobs and stabilizing their lifestyle but it is not always the case. If a certain someone has some sort of skills, he can easily make a living and added with passion, he can earn pretty well. This proves that education is just not a career, nor career only base on education.

Now, what is education if not only career? Education is awareness. An educated person is much more aware about his surroundings and people. Education helps people to develop a sense of understanding regarding the surrounding environment and people. Uneducated people are usually living with an old mythical mindset. However, people who can read are able to know things better by finding scientific logics for different situations and scenarios. For instance, an uneducated person would not be able to search up for required information like cheapest essay writing service around his area; while on the other hand, an educated person would immediately look up the internet.

Similarly, education makes people a lot more tolerant towards the diversities of cultures and people. Educated people are able to accept people belonging to different cultures, races, countries, and religions. Education teaches people the concept of the world much better than anything else in the world. It gets even better if the person is getting education in a multicultural country since educational institutes is the best place to spend time and connect with a variety of people and with the intellectual connection you also get the clarity of understanding people much easily.

Practice of such attitude promotes peace and love at its best. People prefer to solve clashes and rivalry via peaceful solutions instead of war and destruction. It also shows how education helps people to work on a situation from a positive perspective and keep things as peaceful as possible. Countries that pay attention to their education standards and levels are able to develop faster and better. Additionally, if they ever get in any sort of clash, they solve the issues diplomatically instead of making the region a warzone. This way the problems are solved smartly without any mass destruction, and more importantly, casualties. On the other hand, an illiterate person would immediately opt for fighting physically.

Same is the case on an individual level. Suppose there is a situation going on between two people. If the involved parties are illiterate, they would fight physically to solve the issue on hand. At times, they would not even hesitate to go to extreme lengths such as property destruction. On the other hand, if they are educated, they would prefer to sit down and talk about the issues and solve them verbally only by landing a mutual decision instead of fighting like animals.

Last but not the least, education makes a person much more humane and gives them motivation to help humanity through different means. Educated people are the ones mostly who step up and help the people in need. Whether it is through taking the responsibility of a needy person or setting up an organization, educated people are the ones to initiate. Furthermore, they also understand the importance of education and work on spreading it among others which obviously makes the world a much better and peaceful place to live.

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