Home SEO Focus On Local SEO To Avoid Missing Opportunities For Your Dental Practice

Focus On Local SEO To Avoid Missing Opportunities For Your Dental Practice


Like other forms of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very vital for recognition and returns of investment. However, in order to ensure the success of your practice through recognition, you should pay attention to the type of SEO you wish to go with.

Focus On Local SEO To Avoid Missing Opportunities For Your Dental Practice

Local SEO is quite different from the global or general SEO, and they both work differently. Before contacting either a digital marketing agency in the UK or anywhere to build your SEO, you must be specific on the exact SEO you wish to go with. But then again, is there really a difference between the two?

Local SEO versus global SEO

Basically, SEO is for recognition. However, the difference between a local SEO and a global one is glaring. Each has its uses and benefits. Global SEO is not restricted to a particular area, as it covers a global area when used. A good example is when you use the Google search engine to search for “dentists”. The results are going to be contact information of different dentists in several areas. Your area may not be among the first few pages to show up in the results. This means the search covers a wider range than you know.

For local SEO, however, it is quite different and even a bit easier. Using your location, Google shows you results of dentists when you search for “dentists in your area” or “dentists near me”. It narrows the search, bringing to your notice the dentists closer to you.

Understanding this will help you realise that local SEO is what you should focus on for better and easier recognition of your practice in your area.

The common ground between local SEO and global SEO

Having known the importance of local SEO for growing dental practice, you should not disregard the importance of global SEO as well. As much as global SEO is important, local SEO should be your top priority, at least until you have gathered enough recognition and leads from your local area.

Guaranteed, global SEO will grant you worldwide recognition, but that is dependent on the opportunities you have gotten so far from the local SEO. From the reviews of clients from your local area, your stand on a worldwide basis is safer.

Local SEO — What makes it different?

Both local and global SEO perform the same function of recognition for businesses and practices, although on different levels. Besides that, they equally work differently. Global SEO uses the URL or any form of link that identifies or represents the website to increase the impact of the business presence.

Local SEO, however, does not necessarily need any link or URL to create a presence. Instead, it uses the name, address and phone number attached to the business to generate the recognition. Other factors can also play a part in increasing the presence of a dental practice, and they include citations or reviews. Your digital marketing agency can analyse your business and suggest which SEO is most suitable for your dental practice.

You might ask how it is possible for a presence to be created or for a site to be located locally without a link or URL. The answer lies in data aggregation. This is the mechanism behind Google being able to find a page or information using only phone contact information, citations, business listings and even utilities. This means the more citations and reviews about you, the easier it would be to find you.

Requirements for effective local SEO

As earlier mentioned, there are a couple of factors that ensure effective local SEO. They include the following;

1. Consistency in NAP: in the absence of a link or URL, NAP (name, address and phone number) is one good way to generate recognition. However, a change in any of the three factors can affect your presence or recognition. Ensure there is a form of consistency, and if there is any change, be sure to update as soon as possible.

2. Citation: the slightest mention of your name or contact by any site, blog or web site is enough to establish your presence. They serve as references to you when the time comes.

3. Reviews: Positive feedback and reviews from past clients can work wonders for your practice. People tend to trust sites and dentists that have positive reviews more than those who do not have.

4. City landing pages: your website should include the location of cities around you and their zip codes. It will increase your reach and not just to people in your area.

Getting the appropriate digital presence you need for your dental practice requires the expertise of an SEO agency with lots of experience. One of such is DubSEO. We are a digital marketing agency in London with skills and experience in creating and building of local and global SEO. Get in touch with our team of professionals today for the opportunity to boost your digital presence and grow your practice.


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